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Facebook: Bah, Humbug!

Cannot get into my original Facebook account. Set up a new one. Can't get into that one either.

Facebook says enter "Security Code" which was emailed. I do that. Get Error message saying Security Code is expired.

I want my personal and copyright items like my Incoming and Outgoing messages in Facebook and all my photographs returned to me. Many items are (c)Susan Elizabeth Dykhuis [or (c) Susan Dykhius or (c) Sasha Canadian]. This belongs to me and I want


Facebook: is it worth the grief it causes?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pain Management for Pets

Pain Management for Pets

For family and friends who love their pets...some good information regarding pain and management of pain in our pets. You can find you cats age in human years here:

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Robert Naylor - Une véritable découverte | Nouvelles | Cinéma | Canoë

Robert Naylor - Une véritable découverte Nouvelles Cinéma Canoë

“Raves - Family Pride” Robert Naylor 2010Oct24©Susan Dykhuis

A very talented actor...Robert Naylor is the son of my niece, Maryse.

Was very fortunate to be invited to the Opening Night of the 39th edition of the Montreal Festival du Nouveau Cinema where Robert's movie, 10 1/2 opened the Festival. 10 1/2 is the story of Tommy, a boy whose parents abandoned him.

My review of the actor, Robert Naylor: Absolutely impressed -- well, to be truthful, amazed with Robert's acting abilities. The life of "Tommy" is the extreme opposite of Robert's life.

When this movie was made, Robert was 12 years old (he's 14 now). The life of "Tommy" is horrific. How a 12 year-old boy who never experienced any of the things that scar Tommy can bring a child like Tommy to life on the silver screen is fascinating.

First scene with Robert: I see Robert on screen, but then, Poof! In a heartbeat Tommy emerged, taking over Robert's body and person! Looked just like Robert but it was Tommy! How Robert can do that, well, I don't know.

Robert is flawlessly fluent in English and French. This movie is in French, with English sub-titles.

More about Robert, here:

Always and forever


“Raves - Family Pride” Robert Naylor 2010Oct24©Susan Dykhuis

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"Raves" Family Pride 2010OCT03 SARAH©Susan E. Dykhuis

Meet Sarah, my great-niece by copying & pasting link into your browser line.

Pet Lovers: if you find a stray, please bring the animal to your veterinarian for *SIR treatment.

*SIR = Sterilize Inoculate Release

"Raves" Family Pride 2010OCT03 SARAH©Susan E. Dykhuis

Saturday, July 31, 2010

“Raves” For Justice : My Canada -- 2010JULY31©Susan Dykhuis

This blog, For Justice : My Canada is in response to an e-mail I received today attributing to Sir Wilfrid Laurier a speech given by U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt:

The speech Sir Wilfrid Laurier never made.

“In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language ... and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

Sir Wilfrid Laurier was a French Canadian. I can't imagine him opining:
"...We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language... "

Being Canadian means such a statement is unacceptable because in this country, the Official Languages of Canada are English and French. However, the original first languages of Canada were other than English and French.

Canadian history factoids one can find in Canadian history websites:

After Franco Euro-Christians claimed the land for the King of France and overran the First Nations of Canada, the first language of all of North America was French (up until the British colonized all of North America, imposing as English the lingua franca).

"O Canada" -- National Anthem of Canada

* "O Canada" was proclaimed Canada's national anthem on July 1, 1980, 100 years after it was first sung on June 24, 1880 at a banquet in the "Pavillon des Patineurs" in Quebec City as the climax of a"Mosaïque sur des airs populaires canadiens " arranged by Joseph Vézina, a prominent composer and bandmaster.

* The lyrics to the anthem of Canada was written in French by Sir Adolphe-Basile Routhier, French Canadian.

* Music was composed by Calixa Lavallée, French Canadian.

* English version penned in 1908 by by Mr. Justice Robert Stanley Weir.

* The official English version includes changes recommended in 1968 by a Special Joint Committee of the Senate and House of Commons.

* Original French lyrics remain unaltered.

Canadians are not Americans -- Canada is a multi-cultural mosaic thus benefit from the collected knowledge of many peoples while the United States of America is a big melting pot with one official language.

My view of what immigrants must do:
Immigrants granted Canadian citizenship must accommodate Canada by accepting -- as a condition of becoming Canadian -- the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of Canada, especially the Rights and Freedoms below which are very precious to Canadians:


15. (1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.

(2) Subsection (1) does not preclude any law, program or activity that has as its object the amelioration of conditions of disadvantaged individuals or groups including those that are disadvantaged because of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.

OFFICIAL LANGUAGES OF CANADA / Official languages of New Brunswick / Advancement of status and use.

16. (1) English and French are the official languages of Canada and have equality of status and equal rights and privileges as to their use in all institutions of the Parliament and government of Canada.

(2) English and French are the official languages of New Brunswick and have equality of status and equal rights and privileges as to their use in all institutions of the legislature and government of New Brunswick.

(3) Nothing in this Charter limits the authority of Parliament or a legislature to advance the equality of status or use of English and French.

Regarding religious rights:
imho, if one's religion interferes with The Charter of Rights and Freedoms of Canada, Clause 15. (1), then Clause 15. (1) has precedence.

Most Canadians of my generation acknowledge that white Euro-Christians overran First Nations Peoples, causing them great harm which is still evident today. Our white Euro-centric ancestors would be called racists and bigots if they were ding what they did then today.

Canadians have grown and progressed to the point where we are inclusive and accept that Canada is multi-cultural, mulit-racial, no longer a white Euro-centric nation, professing one faith and speaking one language. Canada has worked diligently to become the best we can be by addressing the wrongs done to First Nations peoples, working with First Nations peoples and founding peoples, i.e.: settlers/colonizers from France, followed by England, Scotland and Ireland and later by people from all over this orb we call Planet Earth.

I wish my city, Montreal would redesign its flag, placing in the centre a symbol selected by Indigenous peoples from the Montreal area. The founding peoples' symbols are already on the flag:

Fleur-de-Lis (France) Rose (England) Thistle (Scotland) Shamrock (Ireland)

With a FN symbol in the centre, my city's flag would then reflect which peoples worked together to create this country, Canada...the best country on planet Earth.

About Sir Wilfrid Laurier from the Canadian Encyclopedia:

Idolized by his French Canadian compatriots who remembered his vigorous defence of the rights of Franco-Ontarians in 1916, he became a symbol of division within the country. Now even his party disintegrated when several eminent English-Canadian Liberals crossed the floor to join the UNION GOVERNMENT in which Laurier refused to participate. In the general election of December 1917, Laurier was overwhelmingly defeated by Borden's Unionist Party. The vote was divided along distinctly cultural lines. Laurier died on 17 February 1919, just after beginning his courageous effort to restructure his party and to rebuild Canadian unity.

Under Laurier's leadership the country continued its industrialization and urbanization and was strengthened by the addition of 2 provinces and 2 million inhabitants. A clever and eloquent politician, a true legend in his own time, Laurier has been judged in a variety of ways. For some, he was the spiritual successor to Macdonald, who pursued and consolidated Confederation. For others, Laurier, in the name of national unity and necessary compromise, too often sacrificed the interest of French Canadian Catholics to those of a majority little inclined to support the ideals of Confederation. Finally, some think he too often governed his country with only Québec's interest in mind. Support for each of these opinions can be found in Laurier's actions in Ottawa but the last view is most open to argument.

“Raves” For Justice : My Canada -- 2010JULY31©Susan Dykhuis

Friday, July 30, 2010

“The Cats’ Meow" Blog # 1 Canadian Issues©Susan Dykhuis, 2010JULY30
Issue # 1 : Canada is No Country for Animals

Please contact your Member of Parliament (Canada) by clicking on the URL and following the instructions.

Demand immediate action from your MP.

Today I wrote my member of Parliament, The Hon. Marlene Jennings <> member of the Opposition, Government of Canada asking that she continue her work on getting tough animal protection laws passed.

I asked Ms. Jennings to insist that Canada:

* enact a law which respects the rights of all animals, aquatic life, flora, insects to live pain-free.
* enact tough farming laws and laws which insist that food animals are killed in the most humane way possible.
* enact a Federal law outlawing puppy/kitten mills thought Canada.
* and that Canadian Animal Protection Law must stipulate that "food" animals are not shipped or trucked thousands of miles to slaughter houses.

My belief is Canadians are humane; time for our Federal Government of Canada enact animal protection laws embracing the desire of the Canadian people vis-a-vis those who cannot speak for themselves.

“The Cats’ Meow" Blog # 1 Canadian Issues©Susan Dykhuis, 2010JULY30
Issue # 1 : Canada is No Country for Animals

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cannes 2010 - 10 1/2 - Telefilm Canada

IMBO, Robert Naylor is an awesome Canadian talent! In this trailer watch Robert morph into Tommy. Fluent in English and French, Robert is one to watch.

Cannes 2010 - 10 1/2 - Telefilm Canada

Friday, April 23, 2010

The=^..^=sBlog #6
U.S. Supreme Court Nixes Crush Act as Unconstitutional_2010APR23©Susan Dykhuis

I have not opened this link
as it may be too graphic.
You may need to cut and past links in this Blog.

What the U.S. Supreme Court repealed is The Crush Act which criminalized the creation and sale of genuine depictions of animal cruelty . Crush "art" is inhumane humans making movies where cruel actors are killing animals as "art".

Apparently the U.S. Supreme Court made this ruling because "art" is all about "freedom of expression".

My view:
"freedom of expression" includes the expressions all species. When animals are screaming in anguish and pain, their freedom of expression overrules the "expression of art" created by sicko humans abusing and torturing animals to death to make money.

After all, we humans are just one species of animal in the Animal Kindgom (the inhumane one). Human right to "freedom of expression" ends when animal, aquatic, avian, insect and all other lives are being tortured by us, the humans.

From the website Pet-Abuse,
According to a 1997 study done by the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and Northeastern University, animal abusers are five times more likely to commit violent crimes against people and four times more likely to commit property crimes than are individuals without a history of animal abuse.

Just one example of serial abusers of human animals starting by abusing animals: Jeffrey Dahmer, who liked to torture and kill little animals.

From the website:

As an adult, he did the same, but with humans. The Milwaukee chocolate factory worker lured gay, black men to his apartment with the promise of sex and drugs, and instead killed them and had them for dinner. Once his victims were dead, Dahmer came to life. He would have sex with the corpses and was conscientious to always wear a condom. Sex with live beings was not as good because they could get up and leave at any moment. He also enjoyed mutilation, and experimented with different ways of disposing of the bodies. He once tried to turn one of his victims into a zombie by performing a homemade lobotomy on the man by drilling into his brain, and then pouring acid into the holes. When captured, police found three dissolving bodies in 55-gallon acid vats in his bedroom. They also found four severed heads, seven skulls, skeletons in his closet and a penis in a lobster pot. Ironically, Dahmer had no food in the fridge, only condiments. In the freezer he had a heart stashed "to eat later." Dahmer was killed when he was viciously attacked by Christopher Scarver, a convicted killer on antipsychotic medication, while mopping the bathroom floor in a maximum security prison. Dahmer's brain (at his mother's request) was preserved in formaldehyde for future study.

The Dahmers of the world who begin with killing animals are not taken seriously by the U.S. Supreme Court, ignoring that inhumane killers are inhumane to all life: aquatic, avian, flora, fauna, insect, primate … us.

When the next serial killer strikes, Americans can thank the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court who — by this ruling — are aiding in the creation of future serial killers. If Hell exists, these justices should be at the head of the line...

The=^..^=sBlog #6
U.S. Supreme Court Nixes Crush Act as Unconstitutional_2010APR23©Susan Dykhuis

Pet Lovers: if you find a stray, please bring the animal to your veterinarian for *SIR Treatment

* = Sterilize Inoculate Release

Monday, March 29, 2010

Via e-mail I sent to family and friends the article entitled
“Tolerating the intolerant”
written by Sherif Emil, a Montreal physician.
It was published in The Montreal Gazette on March 28th, 2010

My cousin in B.C. responded: "What To Do?"

Read Dr. Emil's article before the blog, i.e. my response to my cousin's question. Agree or disagree with me in absolute safety because we live in a democratic county.

RANTS~RAVES: What to Do?©Susan Elizabeth Dykhuis_28 March 2010

It seems restricting education to keep citizens in any country ignorant is the first tool of repressive regimes. This tool is used in both theocratic and left-leaning socialistic societies. Isn't this the reason Canadian Forces are in Afghanistan — to help Afghani people attain the right to a democratic society? To me it seems much of the Islamic world is in the Dark Ages - akin to the era in Western civilization when Popes, Kings and Crusaders — not heeding the teachings attributed to Jesus - gave non-Christians this choice: Conversion or Death.

Keeping the population uneducated and ignorant enabled Popes, Kings and Nobility to establish the system where the majority were uneducated serfs, indentured workers for the landowners who held property rights. Autocratic regimes (secular or religious) use this same strategy by restricting basic human rights along with the right to education. It works today for Imams, Emirs, Mullahs et al in many Islamic countries.

The signing of the Magna Carta Libertatum by King John on June 15th 1215 was instrumental in the development of Western democracies and cultures — bringing Canada and other nations to where we are today: Democracies with Charters of Rights. King John probably was probably forced to sign this document...

An aside: my brother Peter was born exactly 732 years later...Father's Day, June 15th 1947

What to Do?
I believe we are doing it right in the Province of Quebec. School boards today are linguistic, not religious - Catholic and Protestant school boards now part of our past. This helps in integrating the many new citizens who are members of religions other than Judaic/Christian. In Quebec new Canadians are educated in French. Many Muslims speak French (from Morocco, for example) so coming to Quebec when immigrating facilitates the transition to the new country.

My view is once an immigrant from Anywhere, Planet Earth is accepted by Canada it is up to the prospective new Canadian to adapt to Canadian law. Religion is a private matter, like one's salary or sex life. If one wishes to religiously educate their offspring, home teaching or religious private schools are options. We don’t need to pay taxes for religious instruction in the public secular school system.

Western nations could be more diligent when vetting the backgrounds of potential new citizens. Look at what has happened in England: July 7th 2005, young British-born Muslim men committed terrorist acts against their own country.

In Madrid, Spain on the 11th of March 2004, the train terrorist attacks (three days before Spain's general elections), killing 191 people and wounding 1,800 (judge ruled Moroccan national Jamal Zougam guilty of physically carrying out the attack). In Amsterdam on November 2nd 2004 Theo van Gogh was stabbed to death by Mohammed Bouyeri who had joint Dutch and Moroccan nationality.

Immigration must be followed by integration into the new country and culture. A five-year time frame for learning the language and culture of the new homeland should be a condition of immigration. If potential new Canadian has not done that then citizenship is not granted and the applicant must leave Canada immediately.

Canada accommodates religious differences; this does not mean Canada will permit religion(s) having a role in law-making.

Canadians who are atheist or agnostic and do not appreciate being told by anyone they must respect religion. Canadian Charter Rights, i.e.: includes the right not to have religious people insisting their view is the view.

Bountiful, BC is in the news because fundamentalist Mormons are polygamous. Polygamy is illegal in Canada. We can expect fundamentalist Mormons to test this in court right up to the Supreme Court of Canada. Fundamentalist Mormans and/or fundamentalist Muslims in polygamous marriages are an affront to Canadian values as Canadian law defines marriage as between two adults: female-male; female-female; male-male

I feel most Canadians would insist that one's religious right ends the second it contravenes the law of the land -- plural marriage being just one example.

We Canadians are so fortunate: We are multi-cultural and we can freely celebrate our different national cultures and heritages.


These words from Dr. Sherif Emil; I agree with his opinion.

But I am also astonished by the naïveté of many Quebecers, who think that the niqab, the burqa, the insistence to be served by another female, and so on are simple matters of free religious expression. They do not understand that those who ask for such accommodation are also those who espouse fundamentalist Islam. Their goal is to "Islamize" the society they have immigrated to. Those requesting accommodation have never accommodated indigenous minorities, do not acknowledge the continuous ethnic cleansing of Christians from the Middle East, and will never raise a voice to criticize the persecution and oppression of religious minorities in the societies they left behind. Organizations that lobby hard for Muslim rights in Canada, such as the Muslim Canadian Congress, have yet to shed their hypocrisy and look back at the complete lack of accommodation of their native religious minorities.

The comment: "You MUST respect a person's religion" -- it irks me. In 18th century Americas and Europe, it was taught that Cain's "mark" was black skin, thus the descendants of Cain are Black e.g: The Wrath of Cain upon them forever. Perhaps this was the justification for enslaving Black people. Mormons believed this at one time (not sure if they still do).

If a religion discriminates on the bases of gender, colour, ethnicity, SORRY!! I don't respect the religion or the faithful of that religion.

What to Do?Susan Elizabeth Dykhuis_29 March 2010

Love your Pet? Sterilize and Innoculate
Rescued a Pet? Then provide *SIR treatment

*SIR = Sterilize Inoculate Release

Text of “Tolerating the intolerant”©Copyright(c)The Montreal Gazette by Sherif Emil
The Copts, Egypt's indigenous Christians, like many other Eastern Orthodox Christians, celebrate Christmas on Jan. 7, according to the Julian calendar. The midnight mass and Christmas day are joyous celebrations for Egypt's Christians, as they are for Christians around the world.
But there was no joy among Christians in Egypt at the start of this new decade. As celebrants were leaving a Coptic church in Nagi Hammadi shortly before midnight on Jan. 6, a hail of machinegun fire abruptly changed the giggling of children and the well-wishes of adults into screams of pain and agony.
Six people, aged 16 to 26, were murdered on the spot. Two others died later in hospital. A Muslim guard at the church was also killed.
Over the next two days, more Christian families were attacked by Muslim mobs, resulting in widespread destruction of property and businesses.
When I shared the event with my colleagues on Jan. 8, hardly anyone had heard the news. There was very little coverage in the Western media. And in the days that followed, hardly anyone was concerned when five churches were destroyed in Muslim Malaysia or when a Protestant church had burned to ashes in Muslim Algeria. A massacre of Christians in the Muslim part of Nigeria soon followed. Vicious attacks on Christian minorities occurred in three supposedly moderate Muslim countries within a single week. But not an eyebrow was raised.
In the meantime, we here in Quebec, like many other Western societies, are fully invested in finding ways to reasonably accommodate Muslim immigrants. We debate whether women should be allowed to wear the niqab when receiving public services. We argue whether groups that promote terrorism, murder, and Islamic revolution in Western societies should be tolerated, as is happening now in Britain. We ask whether it is reasonable accommodation to allow the azan, the loud and public Muslim call to prayer, to echo five times a day in American neighbourhoods, as was debated and allowed in Hamtramck, Mich., a few years ago.
We blame victims for living dangerously when a Dutch director is stabbed to death for criticizing Islam in a movie, or a Danish cartoonist narrowly escapes with his, and his 6-year-old granddaughter's, life, as occurred recently. We apologize to Muslims when they go on a rampage of anger and destruction in response to what the pope said or what a newspaper published.
And, yes, we lament how Islamophobic the West has become when the Swiss decide to ban minarets, not mosques, conveniently forgetting that Saudi Arabia bans the building of non-Islamic houses of worship, "moderate" Egypt requires Christians to obtain a presidential decree to repair a church bathroom, and building a church or synagogue in a Muslim country is often an insurmountable feat.
As we debate how to further accommodate our Islamic minority, who already enjoy full equal rights, and are asking for special ones, we are happy to ignore the plight of the Muslim world's Christian minorities, who in almost all cases are the indigenous inhabitants of the land, not immigrants to it, and yet have no rights.
Egypt, my native country, is a prime example. Egypt's Christians, the descendants of the pharoahs, live in increasing isolation. Christians are denied the top opportunities in academia, politics, medicine, law, business, or any other venue, with few exceptions. Violence against Christians and their properties is increasing. Those who commit it are typically set free by a government and judicial system afraid of the repercussions of punishing those who are considered heroes for shedding Christian blood. Hatred of Christians and Jews is institutionalized and taught from the earliest stages of public schools. Widespread animosity toward Christians is supported by governmental collusion to subjugate and humiliate them. Only one group in Egypt experiences more persecution than the Copts - Muslims who convert to Christianity.
The Palestinian Christians are another sad example. On a recent visit to Bethlehem, now under Palestinian Authority control, I learned that half of the town's Christians have fled since the turn of the century. On the entrance to the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth, an Israeli Arab town, was a billboard in Arabic and English quoting a Quranic verse, "And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers." Ethnic cleansing of Christians has been taking place in the Middle East and Muslim world for decades, picking up where the Ottoman Empire left off.
I was raised in a financially comfortable family in Egypt. But as a Christian, my fate in Egypt was sealed. I was deemed to be a third-class citizen, behind Muslim men and Muslim women. I went to the U.S. at age 17, not in search of economic opportunity, but in hunger for equal citizenship. I now live and work in Canada, and I continue to be thankful daily for the gift of openness, tolerance, and free expression.
But I am also astonished by the naïveté of many Quebecers, who think that the niqab, the burqa, the insistence to be served by another female, and so on are simple matters of free religious expression. They do not understand that those who ask for such accommodation are also those who espouse fundamentalist Islam. Their goal is to "Islamize" the society they have immigrated to. Those requesting accommodation have never accommodated indigenous minorities, do not acknowledge the continuous ethnic cleansing of Christians from the Middle East, and will never raise a voice to criticize the persecution and oppression of religious minorities in the societies they left behind. Organizations that lobby hard for Muslim rights in Canada, such as the Muslim Canadian Congress, have yet to shed their hypocrisy and look back at the complete lack of accommodation of their native religious minorities.
Why should a secular society, engaged in debates about reasonable accommodation, care about the non-accommodation, not to mention the chronic intolerance, persecution, and murder of Christians in Muslim countries? The answer is simple. It is an issue of morality. It is an issue of decency. It is an issue of fairness.
Canadians are dying in Afghanistan to create the conditions hoped for by the Muslim world's minorities, and we denigrate the sacrifice of those brave men and women when we turn our face away from the chronic intolerance and persecution in those same lands.
If we decide to stay silent and accommodate the same hatred, closed-mindedness, tribalism, and violence in the Islamic world, we will be on a slow, but sure, path to decline as a society.
Let us not be so tolerant, to the point of tolerating intolerance. Those who come to Canada seeking opportunity and freedom should be welcomed as full participants in the Canadian experience with equal rights and equal responsibilities as all others.
But those who come with religious or political agendas should not be accommodated, regardless of any false explanations they might give for their behaviour.
Sherif Emil is a Montreal physician.
© Copyright (c) The Montreal Gazette

March 29th 2010 -- Terrorist attack in Moscow. I am waiting for moderate Muslims world-wide to have major demonstrations against Muslims who are terrorists.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The=^..^=sBlog #5
RUSTY_2010MAR27©Susan Dykhuis

Rusty is a beautiful cat who looks like he could be Norman The King's baby brother. He came to dine with Ebony one night in January; Ebony did not mind -- so different from when Baby Rascal came. I figured Rusty must be either a female or a neutered male 'cause Ebony just let him eat right next to him. Rusty was very shy at first but after a week or so, he decided I was trustworthy.

Rusty allowed me to pet him. He is very affectionate and must be greatly missed by the people who lost him. Alas, we found no postings “Lost Cat” with Rusty’s photo in our neighbourhood.

Cats Who Come to Dine with Ebony get to know me because I feed them through the bathroom window. Rusty is so tame and affectionate I decided to see if he would jump in through the window. It took only a week to convince him to do that. He jumped in and down to the toilet seat where I stand to feed the kitties. Once he came in I began to feed him inside. Rusty liked this so much that I’d leave him in the bathroom for an hour every night -- longer if it was very cold.

Rusty trusted me now so I could check him. Saw that Rusty is a neutered male kitty which explains why Ebony wasn't worried about him. I brought him to Dr A for the "I" part of *SIR treatment but not for the "R" part. Dr A ran tests and thankfully, Rusty is not FIV+. He is totally up-to-date with all vaccines, deworming, etc. Dr. A said Rusty is between 5 and 7 years old.

Such a sweetie, I wish he could join The Palace. Alas, Sidekick said in order to have a fourth kitty I would have to ask my brother & sister-in-law to move from the Upper duplex. Then we could renovate it and it would become the ultimate Palace for my kitties. I can’t ask my kin to move…so Dr. A promised she will place Rusty with someone who will love him, respect his needs, care for him and keep him as a strictly inside kitty for the rest of his natural life.

Did you notice in Rusty's photo that he has the crooked Elvis smile? Too cute for mere words! Rusty's lower canine tooth grew outward, pushing the upper canine into his lip which is how Rusty got the Elvis smile.

On Thursday (March 25th) I bought Rusty a very nice bed and brought it to him. He loves it! My friend Myra and I visit Rusty as often as we can. He is so cute. When I go into the part of the veterinary clinic where he is, he jumps up to greet me.

Some people are going to be very lucky when Prince Rusty joins their home. He will the sweetest Prince of their Palace and bring joy and love to them.

*SIR = Sterilize Inoculate Release

Photo_of_Rusty_©Susan Dykhuis
The=^..^=sBlog #5
RUSTY_2010MAR27©Susan Dykhuis

Saturday, March 20, 2010

“Raves~n~Rants"© Susan Dykhuis 2010”

Jean (Tenenbaum) Ferrat (26 December 1930 – 13 March 2010)
"Hello Goodbye"20March2010©SusanDykhuis

Adieu Monsieur Jean (Tenenbaum) Ferrat
Que C'est Beau La Vie

I will not forget you
Your songs resonate in my heart
and your words caress my soul

Je ne vous oublierai pas
et votre musique vit dans mon coeur
et vos mots caressent mon âme

Sasha Canadian is

Jean (Tenenbaum) Ferrat 26 December 1930 – 13 March 2010)
"Hello Goodbye" 20March2010©SusanDykhuis

Please ensure strays you find are brought to your Veterinarian for *SIR treatment which prevents new litters.
*SIR = Sterilize Inoculate Release

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Raves~n~Rants ©Susan Dykhuis, JAN-2010

The Cats’ Meows Blog #4
“Felines: Wild, Feral, and Domestic” 2010FEB06©Susan Dykhuis

Today’s Cat of the Day at is a beauty! His name is Little Bear and he is an eleven-year old Maine Coon. Through the aura of Maine Coon cats mere humans get a chance to hold a mini-lion in our arms.

Reading Little Bear’s bio and admiring his magnificence — he reminds me of our darling Maine Coon, Felix the Prince — I'm totally captivated by pussycats. When Felix is relaxing on me (Felix says "Mah" when he calls me) I look into his stunning, luminous eyes and see African veldts with prides of lions and lionesses אֲרִיאֵל basking in the sun.

Cats – I love cats: Wild, Feral Domestic. My husband AKA Sidekick AKA Paw-Paw has said on many occasions if there is reincarnation, then he wants to reborn as one of my cats. What I know for sure in this life is I can’t live life without cats. Cats are purrfect companions.

Our royal =^..^=s have a good life with us. We love them and do everything possible to give our kitties what every pet deserves: a safe and loving forever home. This is a small price to pay considering the pleasure and joy they bring us!

Sidekick and I love dogs. Our last dog, Bobby the Beagle (b. 1979 d. 1996) loved cats too. Sidekick is allergic to dogs which is why no canines live in The Palace.

My kitties insist you give your fur/feather darlings a bunch of TLC right now! As Felix is cramping my keying-in ability, we’re signing off on this blog which is a Rave for Companion Animals!

If stray/abandoned pets come to you for food & shelter consider sharing the cost with your veterinarian of SIR (Sterilize, Inoculate, Release) treatment.

Photo: “Little Bear” from website:
Photo: Bobby the Beagle[Roberta]1992©Susan Dykhuis

The Cats’ Meow Blog #4
“Felines: Wild, Feral, and Domestic” 2010FEB06©Susan Dykhuis

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The =^..^=s Blog #4
"Requiem for an American Kestrel"

American Kestrel: photo©Susan-Dykhuis_January 8th 2010

About birds, cats, and humans...

My husband AKA Sidekick and Norman & Felix, two of our three strictly indoor felines, noticed a young bird who had burrowed into the snow on our front lawn. Knowing via life experience that there are awful boys everywhere who sadistically use slingshots and stones to kill birds — not to mention humans who harm abandoned pets in city neighbourhoods and rural areas, Sidekick and I were very worried.

Once our ancestors realized felines were great ratters and mousers, they saw the value of felines as a working ally Vs vermin so humans domesticated felines. Since that's been done: listen up, people! Cats do not abandon themselves; people abandon cats.

Looking at this gorgeous bird we knew he was a raptor but not what kind. A person who knows all about birds is Dr. Bird (David M. Bird, Ph.D. — Avian Science and Conservation Centre of McGill University). I e-mailed Dr. Bird asking for identification and advice on how to protect our beautiful visitor.

Worried, I went outside to see if he was injured. When this young raptor saw me, he flew into our tree and then onto the electric wire running through the branches. He stayed there for a very long time. We wanted him safe; continued checking to make sure he was okay. Last check was midnight; little raptor was still on the wire in the tree. Early next morning I went to find him. Alas! He must have gone back to his burrowed spot in the snow. Looking for him we found bloodstains, scattered feathers, part of one wing. Tears flowed freely at his loss. So sad; later we learned via email from Dr. Bird that our precious little visitor was an American Kestrel, member of the raptor family.

I want to know how to safely rescue a bird, squirrel or other small animal needing help. If anyone can tell me how to do this, please post in the comments section.

Those who abandon cats: I wish you a very long life filled with the worst life has to offer.

Misguided ones who think being nice to a pet cat by allowing it outside unattended — you are risking your cat’s life. Your disregard of birds, squirrels and other creatures, all entitled to their lives, is callous. Misguided ones are responsible for the dead birds, the feral colonies the pain caused to pets hit by cars, left right there on the road, injured and suffering. Pets have been tortured (could happen to your cat)by vile humans — future serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer, the Wisconsin sicko who impaled animals on stakes prior to torturing 16 people to death.

Domestic pets
We did the domesticating so we're responsible for their safety and for their actions. Blaming domestic / feral felines for the millions of dead birds each year is just us, passing the buck again. # 1 murderer of birds and every other species including our own is Us.

Unsterilized domestic felines create feral kittens and thus the human-created problem “feral feline colonies” began.

The Goddess Bastet and Mother Nature must be seriously fed-up with our relentless destruction of Mother Earth. Felines are creatures of Mother Nature. Left to fend for themselves, they follow her command to survive which means hunting smaller animals like rats, mice, birds. Humans blaming felines for bird attrition = ridiculous! Outdoor pet cats, abandoned domestic cats and feral cats are not to blame. Regarding the 100 Million birds killed by House Cats — Indoor Cats ask: “Who let the Cats out?” People let the cats out. You who let your cats out are responsible for that horrific number. You with the rest of humanity are responsible for every other number. We are the cause not the cure!

At Fawn’s page I found the website Reading the information in the Curry & Kerlinger, LLC website simply reinforces my belief that the human race is the worst killer of birds and every other living creature on Earth, including our own species.

We kill birds for food, for ‘sport’; with the pesticides we spray on crops. We kill them by habitat destruction, with cars, trucks, boats, airplanes, fishing fleets, live stock plants, oil and gas spills, clear glass window panes of multi-story buildings and our homes; we are the Birds killers.

Human Causes Birds Murdered Per Year in Millions
Glass Windows: 100 to 900+
House Cats: 100
Autos/Trucks: 50 to 100
Electric Transmission Line Collisions: up to 174
Agriculture: 67
Land Development: *unknown
Communication Towers: 4 to 10
Stock Tank Drowning: **unknown
Oil & Gas Extraction: *** 1 to 2
Logging & Strip Mining: unknown
Commercial Fishing" unknown
Electrocutions: Raptors, more than 1 thousand a year
Hunting: 100+

For Wind Power & Bird Studies click onto:

*The National Audubon Society says loss of habitat is the greatest threat to bird populations.
**U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologists and other conservationists believe the number is large.
***The National Audubon Society says habitat destruction is the leading cause of bird population declines.

Please ID tag your pet collars with vital information such as your name and phone numbers where you can be reached. This helps Finder of pet and you to reunite. Found a lost pet without ID? Bring to a no-kill shelter or to your veterinarian. Most abandoned pets are NOT sterilized or inoculated against diseases. SIR (Sterilize, Inoculate, Release) action is used by many cities rather than euthanizing healthy felines who are then released to cat colonies. Sponsoring a cat for SIR action prevents new litters being conceived, spreading of diseases between felines and humanely reduces the number of strays in cat colonies through attrition.

The =^..^=s Blog #4
"Requiem for an American Kestrel" 2010FEB04©SusanDykhuis

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rave #3 Cheers for U.S. Justice
& for Judge Warren Wilbert_2010FEB01©Susan Dykhuis

Excerpt from:
NY Times
Abortion Foe (Scott Roeder) found Guilty in Doctor’s Killing
Published: January 29, 2010

Mr. Roeder’s defense team had hoped the judge in the case, Warren Wilbert, would instruct jurors that they could take into account Mr. Roeder’s motive and consider a lesser conviction of voluntary manslaughter if they believed he held, as Kansas law states, “an unreasonable but honest belief that circumstances existed that justified deadly force.”

But the judge ruled that the circumstances did not meet the requirements for such a conviction, and jurors on Friday were essentially given two choices: convict Mr. Roeder of pre-meditated murder or send him home.

Mr. Roeder will be sentenced in March; the conviction carries a life sentence, but prosecutors say they hope to ensure that he is not eligible for parole for 50 years. He was also convicted of aggravated assault for aiming his gun at other church members as he fled. Mr. Roeder’s defense team plans to appeal.

At his trial, Scott Roeder admitted to jurors that he had planned for many years to kill Dr. Tiller.


My view:

According to the NY Times report, it took jurors 37 minutes on Friday to convict Scott Roeder, an abortion opponent, of first-degree murder in the death of George R. Tiller, one of the few doctors in the country to perform late-term abortions.

If I were a juror and heard with my own ears Roeder state he planned for many years to kill Dr. Tiller, it would have taken me all of a nanosecond to convict.

People can debate the pros and cons of abortion; we are entitled to our own opinion on the subject. However, people who oppose abortion do not have the right to gun down doctors who perform abortions in the United States. In that country, abortion is a legal right.

If Hell exists, Hell awaits Scott Roeder.

Thou shalt not kill
In the United States this commandment has been interpreted to cover those already born.

No tears from me for Scott Roeder; my tears and compassion are for the family of the murdered Dr. George Tiller, for his friends, colleagues, and patients -- and for Dr. Tiller whose life was taken by one who decided to disregard the law of the land. This murderer planned and waited for the opportune time to murder a doctor who was not breaking the law.

Rave #3 Cheers for U.S. Justice
& for Judge Warren Wilbert_2010FEB01©Susan Dykhuis

Friday, January 29, 2010

Raves~n~Rants :
Raves # 2: www.catoftheday.com2010JAN29©SusanDykhuis

Cat of the Day is one of my favourite sites on The 'Net. I check-in daily to meet who has been selected for the honour of being Cat, Dog, Pet of the Day.

Many among my family and friends are pet lovers so I wanted to give "Raves" to Karen and Paul Watts for creating such a wonderful place for pet lovers to spend some time.

As serious pet lovers and parents of Furkids, on behalf of our darling =^..^=s Norman the King, the Princes Felix and Baby Rascal, my husband, Sidekick (aka Paw-Paw) and I ask that should you rescue a stray cat or dog whom you cannot keep, please have your veterinarian ensure the animal receives the *SIR treatment. This will prevent unwanted pets from being born. Boycotting pet stores which sell pets is something we advocate. We live in the Province of Quebec which seems to be the puppy/kitten mill capital of Canada; logic tells us many pets for sale in pet stores are puppy/kitten mill animals.

Our personal view is as there are so many abandoned pets left on the streets and/or brought to local shelters, one needs not go to a pet store to buy a pet. So many out there need good, loving homes. We think animal lovers should consider rescuing a pet rather than purchasing one.

Every pet's birthright is to live in a loving home, protected and cared for by humans who value them.

Enjoy meeting the pets at !!

*SIR = Sterilize Inoculate Release
Raves~n~Rants :
Raves #2 : www.catoftheday.com_2010JAN29©SusanDykhuis

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The =^..^=s Blog # 2
"Can You Believe?" 25January2010 ©Susan Dykhuis

Photo ©Susan Dykhuis: Felix AKA Felix The Prince -- Maine Coon beauty

Can you believe?
Two more kitties now pop in to eat Ebony's food? E is really ticked off. He sits there, watching them scarf his food. E's ears are flattened, eyes akin to new moonlit slits but he doesn't make any noise. Just watches Rusty and Fluffstuff eat his food. Ebony is too gracious; he did this with Baby Rascal and I had to stagger feeding times which kept me up all hours of the night.

Rusty looks like Norman but he is very young...10 months or so. Intact male, very gentle, loves to be petted. Confident I'll be able to get him to Dr A for SIR treatment. Fluffstuff is Maine Coon / tabby; black with some white, very small. Don't know yet if Fluffstuff is Ms or Master Fluffstuff...

My husband, Sidekick said: "you know you can't take in these kittehs". I agree as I wish to stay married. But I'll try my hardest to get them to Dr A for *SIR treatment and will do the R part of SIR. If the three outdoor =^..^=s are well fed and medically protected, hopefully they will enjoy sleeping under the steps and dining daily at Sasha Canadian's Outdoor =^..^= Diner & Bed Spot.

*Sterilize Inoculate Release

Meow mew purrrrrs 'till next time.
The =^..^=s Blog # 2
"Can You Believe?" 25January2010 ©Susan Dykhuis

The =^..^=s Blog #3 Baby Rascal,
Prince of The Bachelor Apartment_2010JAN27©Susan Dykhuis

Photo ©Susan Dykhuis "Baby Rascal, Prince of The Bachelor Apartment"

Baby Rascal came one day to eat Ebony's food. He was starving and ate the whole serving of salmon pate plus a cup of dry food! Baby Rascal had a few sips of water.

I was watching him through the bachelor apartment bathroom window. Baby Rascal aka BR was way too busy gobbling up the food and didn't notice me. Then he ran away to his safe place. Turned out the 'safe place' was under the hedges at a neighbour's home.

Next day he was back, eating Ebony's food. Ebony was off to the side, watching. These two intact males started hissing at each other. No truce happened. Ebony changed his dining times which worked for a week or two. I don't know who told Baby Rascal this news...he started coming whenever Ebony was here.

Ebony was annoyed. "Hisss, hiss, grrrrrrrrMeerRRrrooow" was what I heard.

In June Baby Rascal was enjoying being petted; once he was seriously purring I pulled him in through the window (I stand on the toilet seat to feed them so this was very tricky). BR had a major hissyfit.

Remembering the Girl Guide motto "Be Prepared", I had the bathroom door closed with the KittyCab door open... Baby Rascal was shocked silly when he got pushed into the KittyCab and carted off to Dr A for *SIR treatment. Dr A ran tests and alas, Baby Rascal is FIV+.

BR is young and healthy, neutered and immunized. FIV like HIV means one can live in good health for many years. Read about FIV+ here:

My husband, Sidekick said: "we're not keeping him". I agreed, sort of... promised to bring Baby Rascal to adoption clinics. My friend Myra and I went to one clinic and we both agreed no one there was going to adopt BR! I signed away my life for Felix so if prospective human(s) would not do the same, no dice. We brought BR back home and he went back under the balcony to spar with Ebony.

Crazy concept: back outside! I put him into the bachelor apartment "just until I find him a good home like ours" I said to Sidekick. Promised to try adoption clinics again...couldn't do that to Baby Rascal. One day Sidekick announced "I guess he is staying". I didn't answer, just let it ride. BR is now a part of The Palace but he rules his own Fiefdom: Baby Rascal, Prince of The Bachelor Apartment Palace!

*SIR = Sterilize Inoculate Release

The =^..^=s Blog #3
Baby Rascal, Prince of The Bachelor Apartment_2010JAN27©Susan Dykhuis

Monday, January 25, 2010

“Raves” For Justice 2010JAN25 ©Susan Dykhuis

In the news today:
SADDAM Hussein's cousin Ali Hassan al-Majid or 'Chemical Ali' was executed on Monday, an Iraqi government official said, a week after he received a fourth death sentence.

Such a gentleman and kind-hearted sweet “human” this Ali Hassan al-Majid was.

In 1988 "Chemical Ali" ordered the gassing of Kurds in the northeastern town of Halabja and the majority of victims were women and children. An act of genocide…don’t you just want this kind of man to marry your daughter?

The Iraqi judge, Mr. Abud Mustapha al-Hamani said Ali Hassan al- Majid's offences were "deliberate murder, a crime against humanity".

At least one judge in Iraq has a sense of how horrific this crime was and would not set an example by letting Ali Hassan al-Majid get away with mass murder.

for Iraqi Judge Abud Mustapha al-Hamani.

Don’t ask me to shed tears for mass murderers.

I will shed tears for
Haitians who have seen thousands of lives and Haiti destroyed;
and all others who have faced disasters akin to Haiti;
children who are abused;
women and men who suffer at the hands of terrorists, homicide bombers, dictators, and the Hitlers and Chemical Alis of the world.

“humans” like Ali Hassan al-Majid deserve punishment equal to the crime -- carried out in slow motion. The grief caused by such scum is not erased by execution. It lasts for generations and generations and generations.
Ask any person whose family members died during the systematic destruction of the Armenian population of the Turkish Ottoman Empire.
Ask any person whose family members died during the Holocaust.

I read that Hitler commented: "Who now remembers the Armenians?"

Information listed below on 20th Century genocides from:

Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1992-1995 — 200,000 deaths
Rwanda, 1994 — 800,000 deaths
Pol Pit, Cambodia, 1975-1979 — 2,000,000 deaths
Nazi Holocaust, 1938-1945 — 6,000,000 deaths
Rape of Nanking, 1938-1945 — 300,000 deaths
Stalin’s Forced Famine, 1932-1933 — 7,000,000 deaths
Armenians in Turkish Ottoman Empire, 1915-1918 — 1,500,000 deaths

Wikipedia lists are longer:

How many mass murders, serial killers, pedophiles, abusers of men, women, children and of animals are female?

What is the ratio
Male: Female
mass murderers, serial killers, pedophiles, etc?
If anyone knows where on The Internet one can find reliable studies on this subject, please inform me.

“Raves” for Honourable André Denis who rendered his judgment convicting Rwandan Désiré Munyaneza of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. This is the first conviction in Canada under the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act. Rwandan Désiré Munyaneza who was found guilty under Canadian law of war crimes committed in his home country must face the maximum sentence. Canadians are proud of ruling.

I feel better now; as always and forever I am

“Raves” For Justice 2010JAN25©Susan Dykhuis

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The =^..^=s Blog #1:
Norman the =^..^= King_24thJanuary2010©Susan Dykhuis

Photo: Norman, King of The Palace
Photo "Norman imitates an Owl"©Susan Dykhuis

I love animals, especially feline animals. All felines: big cats, small cats, feral, domesticated. According to my beloved late Mother cats caught my attention at a very young age. I was born in the last century (hahaha), the fourth of five children. Kitty was a family member long before me. Mother said my first true eye focus as a wee baby was on Kitty =^..^= -- I remember her.

Mother said when I was small my range of vision searched for two special ones: Mother and Kitty. When Mother needed a private moment -- loo moments -- she would sit me in my highchair close enough to look out a window but far enough to not ever get to the window. To keep my focus away from her private moments, Kitty would be there for me to watch which always worked.

My family today consists of the couple (me & Sidekick AKA Paw-Paw), one adult son, Mark, married to beautiful Cherry. They live in the Boston area. At home the other children are The =^..^=s: Norman the King (almost 13), Felix the Prince (about 3 1/2) and Baby Rascal (about 18 months old). Our =^..^= kids are recycled / rescued felines so ages are estimates.

Norman joined us January 14th 2006. Autumn 2005 his "human family" brought him to our Vet to be put down. Beautiful, well-behaved (purrfect, in fact) in excellent health -- they wanted Dr. A, our Vet to murder Norman! "humans" can be so disgusting...our Vet refused. Instead, Dr A kept Norman to be placed in a good home and lucky for us, we were "The Chosen"! The Palace, home of other late and greatly loved furkids is now ruled by 3 purrfect =^..^=s

August 1st 2006 Felix the Maine Coon joined our home. Found abandoned, he was rescued and fostered at a no-kill Shelter. The Shelter's standards are tough; Felix came to us after we signed a legal document promising to love, respect, cherish and care for him -- committing to not give him to another human without prior agreement of the Shelter. Felix won our hearts in a nanosecond and thankfully, we took him off to The Palace to meet Norman the King.

Being an only and older kitteh, at first Norman was skittish and put-off. Felix needed a big brother and wore Norman down. They are bonded, play, eat & sleep together. When Felix gets frisky -- (he is still a kitten!) -- Norman puts up with only so much. Then Felix gets bopped on the head.

About 18 months ago a young black intact male kitty AKA Ebony would snooze under our front entrance stairs. Home is a semi-detached duplex with an upper residence, main floor residence and a fully finished basement which includes a bachelor apartment. Bachelor bathroom window opens to where Ebony snoozes. Uh, Oh!!! I started to feed him. Then named him. E will let me pet his head but if my hand goes down toward his shoulders, I get the evil eye and hear a low growl. I can't get him into a carrier to bring to Dr A after 18+ months of trying!!! While dining, Ebony often rewards me with loud purring and bumping his head on my hand; I feel very appreciated and honoured

May 2009 Ebony was annoyed. "Hisss, hiss, grrrrrrrrMeerRRrrooow" was what I heard. Then I spotted Baby Rascal...young, perhaps 6 months old. Skinny and cute, he strolled over and ate Ebony's food. I had to feed Ebony away from BRascal 'cause BRascal didn't realize he was in E's space!

In June BRascal let me grab him in through the window (I stand on the toilet to feed them so this was tricky). He wasn't happy and had a major hissyfit. I was prepared: Bathroom door already closed and locked -- BRascal was shocked silly when he got pushed into the KittyCab and carted off to Dr A for *SIR treatment. Dr A ran tests and alas, Baby Rascal is FIV+. Right now he's young and healthy, neutered and immunized. My Sidekick said: "we're not keeping him". I agreed, sort of. Promised to bring BRascal to adoption clinics. My friend Myra went to one clinic and we both agreed no one there was going to adopt BRascal! I signed away my life for Felix so if prospective human(s) would not do the same, no dice. We brought him back home and he went back under the balcony to spar with Ebony.

Crazy concept: back outside; I put him into the bachelor apartment "just until I find him a good home like ours" I said. Promised to try adoption clinics again...couldn't do that to Baby Rascal. One day my Sidekick announced "I guess he is staying". I didn't answer, just let it ride. BRascal is now a part of The Palace but he rules his own Fiefdom: He is Prince Baby Rascal, ruler of The Bachelor Apartment Palace!

*SIR = Sterilize Inoculate Release

The =^..^=s Blog will introduce Felix, the Prince, Baby-Rasacal, Prince of the Bacelor Apartment, Ebony, Guard=^..^= of the Palace Grounds and Rusty Who Came to Dine.

The =^..^=s Blog #1:
Norman the =^..^= King_24thJanuary2010©Susan Dykhuis

Raves~n~Rants # 644, Proud to be Canadian ©Susan Dykhuis, 24th January 2010

I'm proud to be 100% Canadian and my Canada includes:

First Nations peoples and cultures
Quebec, New Brunswick and Manitoba
Our two official languages
The Canadian Anthem which was written in French by a Canadian from Quebec
The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms  ( and

English was not the first language of Canada and as a proud, 100% Canadian, I respect that.  I'm thankful that our country Canada was built by First Nations Peoples (initially forced upon FNP) and the Founding Nations:  France, England, Scotland, Ireland.  Flag of Montreal shows the Fleur-de-Lis (French), Rose (English), Thistle (Scottish) and Shamrock (Irish).  Sadly the white european colonists did not think of including a First Nations symbol but perhaps one day the City of Montreal flag will be updated.

about French Canadians:

Very proud of our Troops and so sad that we lose brave Canadians who serve.  I do not forget that many who serve come home with serious injuries and life-altering mental and physical conditions.

My view is people who are privileged to be accepted as new Canadians must:
- Learn the two official languages of Canada
- Learn Canadian history -- the good and the bad
- Accept the laws of Canada which state that under Canadian Law all citizens are equal.
- Accept our culture which is Western and integrate into it which means the new citizen accommodates Canadians, i.e,: accepting Western style of clothing for men and women
- Accept that church/mosque/temple and state are separate
- Accept that in differences in religious interpretation regarding the status of women and men, Canadian Charter Rights that define women and men are equal under the law thus Canadian Charter of Rights preempt religious law(s)
- Accept that in Canada defines marriage as a union of two consenting adults, i.e.:  female-male; female-female; male-male.  Marriage means two individuals are united in marriage; it does not include polyandry (more than one husband at a time) or polygamy (more than one wife at a time)

- Appreciate that Canada and Canadians -- being multicultural rather than melting pot -- graciously give new Canadians the freedom to cherish and celebrate the secular cultural aspects of their respective backgrounds so long as such cultural aspects do not contravene Charter of Rights laws 

My view includes that new Canadians -- when granted citizenship -- should be given and accept these stipulations:

- New citizen is a person who was not born in Canada.
- Integration into Canadian culture and languages must be done within three years; if not then back to country of origin (with option to exclude those over 65 who come with families who will fully support them from the three year clause.  Canada does reserve the right to reject applicants with health issues so serious as to affect medi-care)
- To be eligible for medi-care, provincial and federal pensions new citizens must live and work in Canada; new citizens are not allowed to be Canadian citizens of convenience.  If a new citizen becomes a citizen of convenience, immediately ship them back COD to country of origin.   

- an aside: 
Do you remember the Canadian citizens of convenience living, working and paying taxes in Lebanon who demanded Canada get them out of Lebanon and back to Canada??  That was in 2006 during the Lebanese/Israeli war where all of the citizens of convenience were "on vacation" at that particular time and got caught in the crossfire.  
When Canada brought them back, many complained about the accommodation on ships, planes, etc.  Guess they were expecting First Class accommodations...  It cost Canada $90 Million to bring back...see:    or  And then the other Canadians of convenience -- the al-Qaeda family as in Omar Khadr --> click:  This same family now has a Canadian son-in-law:  click

I am somewhat humane.  Situations like the disaster in Haiti where countless children are orphaned and where others may wish to join family members who are already Canadians, living, working and paying taxes here -- we should help.  Potential adoptive parents need to be very, very carefully vetted. Don't want pedophiles adopting innocent children!!!

The children should be helped as soon as possible, i.e.: immediately after our Federal and Provincial Govenments rigorously screen prospective adoptive parents -- we don't want children adopted by pedophiles.

Canada should also screen adult applicants very carefully  to make sure none of the criminals who got out of jail for free because of that horrific earthquake don't end up in Canada. 

I am truly humane when it comes to children,  the Aged, the i\Infirm and the animals.   Healthy adults who are honest, willing to work, pay taxes, support their families and who will accept and adapt to Canadian law and culture -- we need them.  My humane feelings apply to them too no matter what country of origin.

City of Montreal Flag showing Euro Founding Peoples of Canada:

Raves~n~Rants #644, Proud to be Canadian ©Susan Dykhuis, 24th January 2010