Friday, September 23, 2011

Giuseppina Nicolucci (AKA Pina Matalucci)
Memories...©Susan Elizabeth Dykhuis
Thursday, September 22nd 2011

Whenever I hear the song “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and The Waves, I see Pina in my mind’s eye, singing that song, and dancing in the elevator at Royal Victoria Hospital A Wing. We are leaving work on a lovely Montreal summer day, 1985....

Pina was a wonderful, very loving and affectionate person – a beautiful woman whom I so enjoyed knowing as a friend. We worked together and were friends from 1983, in Montreal. Around 1986 Pina moved to Toronto, met and married Paul and they had their lovely family. Last time we were together was at Pina’s home on Verobeach Rd. I have photos from that late Summer visit when Michael and Eric were toddlers -- and Pina had short hair!

I remember her so well:
Pina, pure sunshine and beauty with luscious long, naturally curly hair which bounced when she walked; sparkling eyes. She was a mixture of kindness, wit, fine sense of humour and beauty. And I remember the little cat she loved, named Bandit. Bandit loved to ride with Pina in her little blue car. Pina was so very special.

The last time Pina and I saw each other was that late August visit at her home on Verobeach Rd in 1999, but we kept in touch by telephone. Tried to reach Pina in early 2008 and did not connect. Sadly, it broke my heart to read in the obituary of Pina’s late mother (in 2010) wherein were these very sad words:

Domenica is reunited with her loving daughters Florence and Giuseppina.

Thus I learned of Pina’s illness and death; and thus I mourned this tragedy.

Today, September 22 2011 I’m looking at her wedding photo -- bride beautiful-- with her handsome groom, Paul. This September 13th Pina would have turned 52.

Dear Paul, Michael, Eric and Stefanie and Bruno, please know your beloved wife, mother and sister is fondly remembered and greatly missed by people like me who were fond of her and appreciated her. Pina's footprints are gently etched in many minds and hearts.

Those like me who called her 'friend' miss her and remember her with with great fondness and love.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

and the Innocent shall be avenged.
Remembering Tuesday, September 9th 2001
©Susan Elizabeth Dykhuis, September 10th 2011

There are times
in our lives
when we are witnesses
to pure evil.

we recall where
and what we were doing
no comfort, no understanding
nor forgiveness possible

when we remember
Tuesday, September 11th 2001

Al-Qaeda Islamists -- agents of Death:
what goes around, comes around
there will be retribution for you, the evil…

and the Innocent shall be avenged.
Remembering Tuesday, September 11th 2001
©Susan Elizabeth Dykhuis, September 9th 2011


Crew and Passengers of American Airlines Flight # 11
Crew and Passengers of United Airlines Flight # 175
- The Twin Towers, Manhattan, NYC, NY

Crew and Passengers of American Airlines Flight # 77 and The Pentagon Staff and Visitors
- Arlington, Virginia

Crew and Passengers of United Airlines Flight # 93
- Shanksville, Pennsylvania

NYPD, NYFD, Clergy and other First Responders
- New York City, NY