Thursday, January 27, 2011

Native Wolf of Alaska

Caretakers of Planet Earth — Reality Check
©Susan Elizabeth Dykhuis, 27th January 2011

Wolves and other species, threatened by the dual swords of human vanity and inhumanity our species—almost 7 billion strong.

Almost 7 billion; and we are wrong in
culling other spices, destroying their habitat
We are not entitled to destroy
the only home we inhabitants of Planet Earth have

This Planet who is home to multitudes within many species
Includes us, the Humans who are not entitled to murder
Earth’s inhabitants.

Species out of control – problem caused by us
It is our numbers and our demands that are out of control Humans:
the users and abusers We are the species
totally out of control!

Humane means no culling of any species; that starts by
Controlling ourselves.
Fewer humans equals drastic reduction of problems
To our home, Planet Earth.

The Americas are the domicile of The Wolves and others;
Human obligation is to protect and save all species indigenous to The Americas.

©Susan Elizabeth Dykhuis, “Caretakers of Planet Earth — Reality Check”27th January 2011

Click link and please sign the petition to prevent the Alaskan culling of Wolves!

It is time for human beings to accept that domain over Planet Earth and all her inhabitants means we are the caretakers of Earth to protect all species of life who share Earth with us. We can begin right now by insisting that all life on this planet is sacred, valid, necessary and that we, the human animal, do NOT have the right to cull any species other than our own (almost 7 billion of us!).