Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Félicitations Première Ministre Pauline Marois!
(c)Susan Elizabeth Dykhuis 2012SEPT04

The results are in : A minority PQ government

I am not thrilled with the election results. To our newly-elected Provincial Leader, Madame Pauline Marois, I have a question:

Who is an authentic Quebecois(e)?

Take me, for instance. Bilingual; Allo / Anglo depending on which politico is defining my status.

Tuesday, September 4th my parents, the Late Marjorie Fullerton and the Late Hendrik Dykhuis would have celebrated wedding anniversary number 70. Their 5 children are Quebec born as are all of their grandchildren and most of their great-grandchildren.

Our Maternal (Fullerton) lineage begins 1845 when Robert Fullerton married Marguerite Archambault who was from a French Quebecois family already established in Quebec long before The Battle of The Plains of Abraham -- 1759.

Robert Fullerton b. 2 November, 1817, Sunderland, England, arrives in Quebec City 1841; d. Quebec City 23 April 1886; buried in Saint Patrick’s Cemetery, Quebec City.
Marguerite Archambault b. 1817 or 1818; d. 30 May 1885, Quebec City.

Robert Fullerton founded Masonic Lodge in Quebec City & entered into a partnership with a Mr. Alexander, forming Alexander & Fullerton, Mast & Spar Makers, still in existence at the time of his death.

The Allo / Anglo side of our family now has six generations who are Quebec-born and the majority of us -- we live in our native Province of Quebec! Does our long history in this Province qualify us as Quebecois(e)? On our Francophone side, our great-great grandmother, Marguerite Archambault's family lived in Quebec before 1759. Our great-great grandmere Marguerite was born circa 1818 in the capital city of the Province of Quebec.

Generations of our Our Allo / Anglo Quebec family have married members of Quebec Francophone families who have many Quebec-born generations living in Quebec.

Oh, by the way -- are Quebec First Nations peoples also authentic Quebecois(e)?

Perhaps La Première Ministre Pauline Marois will kindly Quebecers like me know if I am, indeed, une Québécoise impure or pure laine de vieille souche ?!

Susan Elizabeth Dykhuis

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Re: “What Did The Cat Drag In?”
©Susan Elizabeth Dykhuis, 17 June 2012

My Blog today is a response to the article below:

Yes, Cats (Dogs and other animals) kill birds and other small prey. But Cats, Dogs and other members of The Animal Kingdom are nowhere as lethal and vicious as is the human animal. We like to quote numbers of birds culled by cats but forget to tell how many birds are culled by humans though various means like slaughter, hunting, creation of dangerous environments, etc.

Cats are amateur bird killers. They are not in the league of we humans when it comes to killing birds and every other species on the planet — including our own!

For a detailed list of harm to birds by Humans and Cats, go to
"Requiem for an American Kestrel"

~ Birds & Bats killed by Wind Energy Turbines:

~ Psychopaths
How many Cats, Dogs, Frogs, other species have been tortured and killed Psychopaths (future serial killers)? We don’t even know . But we do know Cats are targets of Psychopaths. In Canada, normal human beings (we respect life) were extremely upset and outraged with the murder of Jun Lin. His killer first killed baby kittens and also taped a cat to a stick and drowned it in his bathtub. I do not say his name because serial animal killers and serial human killers are not human and do not deserve to have their name spoken. So, I mention the victim who is and was human, Jun Lin who lived with his beloved tabby cat. I will remember Jun Lin, 33, from China, studying in Montreal, Qc, Canada where I live.

FBI: Definition of a Serial Murderer:

American Humane Organization fact sheet/animal abusers:

Click link to see the number of living creatures humans kill per year for food:

Human killing of all species:
It is us, the self-named “intelligent” species of the Animal Kingdom who kill not only our own species [famous examples are of tribal wars, the Holocaust, the Spanish Inquisition and slaughter of First Nations Peoples of the Americas, the Slave Trade of Black peoples from Africa to name “modern” events] but all species!

When it comes to killing, we are in a class of our own; and we do not discriminate between our own or other species.

We are an abomination. Genocides from 1900 to 2000:

The recorded numbers of intentionally slaughtered humans does not include humans killing other humans before recorded history. We don’t know what other genocides occurred as not all events have been committed to history.

In Judaic-Christian teaching human killing human began when Cain killed his brother, Abel. So, let’s get this straight now: Adam & Eve are the first people who had Cain and Abel. Cain murdered Abel which left Cain, Eve and Adam. There was, apparently, a commandment from our creator to Be fruitful and multiply. Abel is dead. Survivors are two males, one female on planet Earth. Female and the younger male are mother and son, so, how did the rest of us get here? Got into big trouble in High School asking that question If Creationism theory is fact, then at one point there must have been incestual sexual relationships — which would explain why we are such a murderous species.

Back to Cats and Birds: We have four felines, all rescues. The Baby is 10 month-old Raven who was born in our home. His brother, Licorice and mother, Ivory have adopted very fine humans. I get to visit both Ivory and Licorice which is wonderful indeed.

As my darlings are male rescues, you can be sure they have been neutered, inoculated, and that what their Veterinarian recommends for good health, happiness and a long strictly indoor life is done by us. They are my darlings: Norman, now 17 ½; Felix 7 ½ ; (Baby) Rascal 4 and Raven who will be a year old on August 5th 2012. I have blogged about my cats and will tell Ivory & the Kittens’ story in another blog.

If domestic cats kill birds, blame the persons who do not keep them indoors. The human caretaker is responsible for the behavior of their cats, dogs, pets.

Re: “What Did The Cat Drag In?”
©Susan Elizabeth Dykhuis, 17 June 2012

Photo(c)2011 by Susan E. Dykhuis "Raven & Licorice"
(The Kittens' last day together, October 22, 2011 --
Raven is awake, Licorice is sleeping)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

(c)Susan Elizabeth Dykhuis, February 21, 2012

Reading something on the Internet regarding "is there ever a perfect murder?" made me recall reading some 40 years ago a short story about a perfect murder.

The basic story (author whom I do not remember, nor actual name of the book) was somewhat like this:

The Weapon: A Frozen Leg of Lamb.
The Victim: A cheating husband.
The Alibi: Shopping for "the fixings" of a husband's favourite dinner.
The Murderer: His pregnant wife.

And this is how I recall reading what happened:

The Murder:
Wife hit cheating husband on the head with The Weapon: A frozen leg of lamb. Places leg of lamb in oven to roast, using the oven on/off cooking timer.

The Alibi:
She went out of the house, shopping for a nice wine and a delicate pastry dessert to serve with the dinner of roasted leg of lamb -- her husband's favourite dinner. Came home perhaps 45 minutes later. Her husband was, can you believe this, dead on the floor!

Reporting the Murder:
Crying and hysterical, she called the police to report her husband apparently dead at home. They came immediately. While they were checking the crime scene, she was still crying and somewhat hysterical. One officer suggested she make dinner to keep herself occupied because being busy would calm her and be good for the baby's sake. She agreed that was a good idea and got busy preparing dinner.

The police & detectives check around, looking for clues, especially the weapon. Found nothing. Wife was once again upset and crying, asking "How this could be? Did they think perhaps someone he had arrested in the past held a grudge big enough to kill her husband?"

The police officers and detectives were co-workers of her husband. How could they not help her find the murderer? Try as they might, they could not. They asked where she was that day. She mentioned being out getting groceries, etc. Came home, found him dead. Called them. She was told they would have to check that what she said was true. Two officers went off checking to see if anyone saw her about at the green grocer, the liquor store and pastry shop. People recalled seeing her that afternoon, doing just what she did every day around that time -- purchasing ingredients for dinner.

When the dinner was almost ready, still very upset, she asked if they would join her for dinner as she did not want to be alone. All ate the delicious dinner she made. After dinner, they helped her clean up and then one of them threw out the trash which contained the bone of the leg of lamb they had dined upon.

Months went by; the baby was born. Her husband's co-workers and their families supported her through her ordeal and celebrated with her when her son was born. She named her son Thomas for his paternal grandfather and George for his maternal grandfather. Her late husband's colleagues and families attended the baptism and other events in her baby's life.

After two years of searching, they came to the conclusion that yes, her husband was murdered, killed in his own home and yes, they had no idea who did it, what the weapon was and where it could be hidden.

They also concluded her husband was the one who let the murderer into their home as no windows or doors were damaged, nothing was amiss and later, the murderer let himself out. Their view was since the victim knew the murderer and let him in, it could one of many people he would let into the house on any occasion thus any DNA found in the house would match many people. They concluded that as none of the DNA pointed to which person could have murdered him as the people whose DNA was in the house had reliable alibis at the time the murder was committed.

Eight years later The Widow married a collegue of her late, murdered husband (who -- we hope for her new husband's sake -- is not the cheating kind.

(c)Susan Elizabeth Dykhuis, February 21, 2012

If anyone can tell me the name of the author and name of the book I read about the perfect crime, please let me know who it is so I can credit the author. Thanks!