Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Félicitations Première Ministre Pauline Marois!
(c)Susan Elizabeth Dykhuis 2012SEPT04

The results are in : A minority PQ government

I am not thrilled with the election results. To our newly-elected Provincial Leader, Madame Pauline Marois, I have a question:

Who is an authentic Quebecois(e)?

Take me, for instance. Bilingual; Allo / Anglo depending on which politico is defining my status.

Tuesday, September 4th my parents, the Late Marjorie Fullerton and the Late Hendrik Dykhuis would have celebrated wedding anniversary number 70. Their 5 children are Quebec born as are all of their grandchildren and most of their great-grandchildren.

Our Maternal (Fullerton) lineage begins 1845 when Robert Fullerton married Marguerite Archambault who was from a French Quebecois family already established in Quebec long before The Battle of The Plains of Abraham -- 1759.

Robert Fullerton b. 2 November, 1817, Sunderland, England, arrives in Quebec City 1841; d. Quebec City 23 April 1886; buried in Saint Patrick’s Cemetery, Quebec City.
Marguerite Archambault b. 1817 or 1818; d. 30 May 1885, Quebec City.

Robert Fullerton founded Masonic Lodge in Quebec City & entered into a partnership with a Mr. Alexander, forming Alexander & Fullerton, Mast & Spar Makers, still in existence at the time of his death.

The Allo / Anglo side of our family now has six generations who are Quebec-born and the majority of us -- we live in our native Province of Quebec! Does our long history in this Province qualify us as Quebecois(e)? On our Francophone side, our great-great grandmother, Marguerite Archambault's family lived in Quebec before 1759. Our great-great grandmere Marguerite was born circa 1818 in the capital city of the Province of Quebec.

Generations of our Our Allo / Anglo Quebec family have married members of Quebec Francophone families who have many Quebec-born generations living in Quebec.

Oh, by the way -- are Quebec First Nations peoples also authentic Quebecois(e)?

Perhaps La Première Ministre Pauline Marois will kindly Quebecers like me know if I am, indeed, une Québécoise impure or pure laine de vieille souche ?!

Susan Elizabeth Dykhuis

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