Monday, January 25, 2010

“Raves” For Justice 2010JAN25 ©Susan Dykhuis

In the news today:
SADDAM Hussein's cousin Ali Hassan al-Majid or 'Chemical Ali' was executed on Monday, an Iraqi government official said, a week after he received a fourth death sentence.

Such a gentleman and kind-hearted sweet “human” this Ali Hassan al-Majid was.

In 1988 "Chemical Ali" ordered the gassing of Kurds in the northeastern town of Halabja and the majority of victims were women and children. An act of genocide…don’t you just want this kind of man to marry your daughter?

The Iraqi judge, Mr. Abud Mustapha al-Hamani said Ali Hassan al- Majid's offences were "deliberate murder, a crime against humanity".

At least one judge in Iraq has a sense of how horrific this crime was and would not set an example by letting Ali Hassan al-Majid get away with mass murder.

for Iraqi Judge Abud Mustapha al-Hamani.

Don’t ask me to shed tears for mass murderers.

I will shed tears for
Haitians who have seen thousands of lives and Haiti destroyed;
and all others who have faced disasters akin to Haiti;
children who are abused;
women and men who suffer at the hands of terrorists, homicide bombers, dictators, and the Hitlers and Chemical Alis of the world.

“humans” like Ali Hassan al-Majid deserve punishment equal to the crime -- carried out in slow motion. The grief caused by such scum is not erased by execution. It lasts for generations and generations and generations.
Ask any person whose family members died during the systematic destruction of the Armenian population of the Turkish Ottoman Empire.
Ask any person whose family members died during the Holocaust.

I read that Hitler commented: "Who now remembers the Armenians?"

Information listed below on 20th Century genocides from:

Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1992-1995 — 200,000 deaths
Rwanda, 1994 — 800,000 deaths
Pol Pit, Cambodia, 1975-1979 — 2,000,000 deaths
Nazi Holocaust, 1938-1945 — 6,000,000 deaths
Rape of Nanking, 1938-1945 — 300,000 deaths
Stalin’s Forced Famine, 1932-1933 — 7,000,000 deaths
Armenians in Turkish Ottoman Empire, 1915-1918 — 1,500,000 deaths

Wikipedia lists are longer:

How many mass murders, serial killers, pedophiles, abusers of men, women, children and of animals are female?

What is the ratio
Male: Female
mass murderers, serial killers, pedophiles, etc?
If anyone knows where on The Internet one can find reliable studies on this subject, please inform me.

“Raves” for Honourable André Denis who rendered his judgment convicting Rwandan Désiré Munyaneza of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. This is the first conviction in Canada under the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act. Rwandan Désiré Munyaneza who was found guilty under Canadian law of war crimes committed in his home country must face the maximum sentence. Canadians are proud of ruling.

I feel better now; as always and forever I am

“Raves” For Justice 2010JAN25©Susan Dykhuis

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