Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The =^..^=s Blog # 2
"Can You Believe?" 25January2010 ©Susan Dykhuis

Photo ©Susan Dykhuis: Felix AKA Felix The Prince -- Maine Coon beauty

Can you believe?
Two more kitties now pop in to eat Ebony's food? E is really ticked off. He sits there, watching them scarf his food. E's ears are flattened, eyes akin to new moonlit slits but he doesn't make any noise. Just watches Rusty and Fluffstuff eat his food. Ebony is too gracious; he did this with Baby Rascal and I had to stagger feeding times which kept me up all hours of the night.

Rusty looks like Norman but he is very young...10 months or so. Intact male, very gentle, loves to be petted. Confident I'll be able to get him to Dr A for SIR treatment. Fluffstuff is Maine Coon / tabby; black with some white, very small. Don't know yet if Fluffstuff is Ms or Master Fluffstuff...

My husband, Sidekick said: "you know you can't take in these kittehs". I agree as I wish to stay married. But I'll try my hardest to get them to Dr A for *SIR treatment and will do the R part of SIR. If the three outdoor =^..^=s are well fed and medically protected, hopefully they will enjoy sleeping under the steps and dining daily at Sasha Canadian's Outdoor =^..^= Diner & Bed Spot.

*Sterilize Inoculate Release

Meow mew purrrrrs 'till next time.
The =^..^=s Blog # 2
"Can You Believe?" 25January2010 ©Susan Dykhuis

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