Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The =^..^=s Blog #3 Baby Rascal,
Prince of The Bachelor Apartment_2010JAN27©Susan Dykhuis

Photo ©Susan Dykhuis "Baby Rascal, Prince of The Bachelor Apartment"

Baby Rascal came one day to eat Ebony's food. He was starving and ate the whole serving of salmon pate plus a cup of dry food! Baby Rascal had a few sips of water.

I was watching him through the bachelor apartment bathroom window. Baby Rascal aka BR was way too busy gobbling up the food and didn't notice me. Then he ran away to his safe place. Turned out the 'safe place' was under the hedges at a neighbour's home.

Next day he was back, eating Ebony's food. Ebony was off to the side, watching. These two intact males started hissing at each other. No truce happened. Ebony changed his dining times which worked for a week or two. I don't know who told Baby Rascal this news...he started coming whenever Ebony was here.

Ebony was annoyed. "Hisss, hiss, grrrrrrrrMeerRRrrooow" was what I heard.

In June Baby Rascal was enjoying being petted; once he was seriously purring I pulled him in through the window (I stand on the toilet seat to feed them so this was very tricky). BR had a major hissyfit.

Remembering the Girl Guide motto "Be Prepared", I had the bathroom door closed with the KittyCab door open... Baby Rascal was shocked silly when he got pushed into the KittyCab and carted off to Dr A for *SIR treatment. Dr A ran tests and alas, Baby Rascal is FIV+.

BR is young and healthy, neutered and immunized. FIV like HIV means one can live in good health for many years. Read about FIV+ here:

My husband, Sidekick said: "we're not keeping him". I agreed, sort of... promised to bring Baby Rascal to adoption clinics. My friend Myra and I went to one clinic and we both agreed no one there was going to adopt BR! I signed away my life for Felix so if prospective human(s) would not do the same, no dice. We brought BR back home and he went back under the balcony to spar with Ebony.

Crazy concept: back outside! I put him into the bachelor apartment "just until I find him a good home like ours" I said to Sidekick. Promised to try adoption clinics again...couldn't do that to Baby Rascal. One day Sidekick announced "I guess he is staying". I didn't answer, just let it ride. BR is now a part of The Palace but he rules his own Fiefdom: Baby Rascal, Prince of The Bachelor Apartment Palace!

*SIR = Sterilize Inoculate Release

The =^..^=s Blog #3
Baby Rascal, Prince of The Bachelor Apartment_2010JAN27©Susan Dykhuis

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