Sunday, January 24, 2010

The =^..^=s Blog #1:
Norman the =^..^= King_24thJanuary2010©Susan Dykhuis

Photo: Norman, King of The Palace
Photo "Norman imitates an Owl"©Susan Dykhuis

I love animals, especially feline animals. All felines: big cats, small cats, feral, domesticated. According to my beloved late Mother cats caught my attention at a very young age. I was born in the last century (hahaha), the fourth of five children. Kitty was a family member long before me. Mother said my first true eye focus as a wee baby was on Kitty =^..^= -- I remember her.

Mother said when I was small my range of vision searched for two special ones: Mother and Kitty. When Mother needed a private moment -- loo moments -- she would sit me in my highchair close enough to look out a window but far enough to not ever get to the window. To keep my focus away from her private moments, Kitty would be there for me to watch which always worked.

My family today consists of the couple (me & Sidekick AKA Paw-Paw), one adult son, Mark, married to beautiful Cherry. They live in the Boston area. At home the other children are The =^..^=s: Norman the King (almost 13), Felix the Prince (about 3 1/2) and Baby Rascal (about 18 months old). Our =^..^= kids are recycled / rescued felines so ages are estimates.

Norman joined us January 14th 2006. Autumn 2005 his "human family" brought him to our Vet to be put down. Beautiful, well-behaved (purrfect, in fact) in excellent health -- they wanted Dr. A, our Vet to murder Norman! "humans" can be so disgusting...our Vet refused. Instead, Dr A kept Norman to be placed in a good home and lucky for us, we were "The Chosen"! The Palace, home of other late and greatly loved furkids is now ruled by 3 purrfect =^..^=s

August 1st 2006 Felix the Maine Coon joined our home. Found abandoned, he was rescued and fostered at a no-kill Shelter. The Shelter's standards are tough; Felix came to us after we signed a legal document promising to love, respect, cherish and care for him -- committing to not give him to another human without prior agreement of the Shelter. Felix won our hearts in a nanosecond and thankfully, we took him off to The Palace to meet Norman the King.

Being an only and older kitteh, at first Norman was skittish and put-off. Felix needed a big brother and wore Norman down. They are bonded, play, eat & sleep together. When Felix gets frisky -- (he is still a kitten!) -- Norman puts up with only so much. Then Felix gets bopped on the head.

About 18 months ago a young black intact male kitty AKA Ebony would snooze under our front entrance stairs. Home is a semi-detached duplex with an upper residence, main floor residence and a fully finished basement which includes a bachelor apartment. Bachelor bathroom window opens to where Ebony snoozes. Uh, Oh!!! I started to feed him. Then named him. E will let me pet his head but if my hand goes down toward his shoulders, I get the evil eye and hear a low growl. I can't get him into a carrier to bring to Dr A after 18+ months of trying!!! While dining, Ebony often rewards me with loud purring and bumping his head on my hand; I feel very appreciated and honoured

May 2009 Ebony was annoyed. "Hisss, hiss, grrrrrrrrMeerRRrrooow" was what I heard. Then I spotted Baby Rascal...young, perhaps 6 months old. Skinny and cute, he strolled over and ate Ebony's food. I had to feed Ebony away from BRascal 'cause BRascal didn't realize he was in E's space!

In June BRascal let me grab him in through the window (I stand on the toilet to feed them so this was tricky). He wasn't happy and had a major hissyfit. I was prepared: Bathroom door already closed and locked -- BRascal was shocked silly when he got pushed into the KittyCab and carted off to Dr A for *SIR treatment. Dr A ran tests and alas, Baby Rascal is FIV+. Right now he's young and healthy, neutered and immunized. My Sidekick said: "we're not keeping him". I agreed, sort of. Promised to bring BRascal to adoption clinics. My friend Myra went to one clinic and we both agreed no one there was going to adopt BRascal! I signed away my life for Felix so if prospective human(s) would not do the same, no dice. We brought him back home and he went back under the balcony to spar with Ebony.

Crazy concept: back outside; I put him into the bachelor apartment "just until I find him a good home like ours" I said. Promised to try adoption clinics again...couldn't do that to Baby Rascal. One day my Sidekick announced "I guess he is staying". I didn't answer, just let it ride. BRascal is now a part of The Palace but he rules his own Fiefdom: He is Prince Baby Rascal, ruler of The Bachelor Apartment Palace!

*SIR = Sterilize Inoculate Release

The =^..^=s Blog will introduce Felix, the Prince, Baby-Rasacal, Prince of the Bacelor Apartment, Ebony, Guard=^..^= of the Palace Grounds and Rusty Who Came to Dine.

The =^..^=s Blog #1:
Norman the =^..^= King_24thJanuary2010©Susan Dykhuis


  1. Welcome to Blogdom! Now I can read all about the Palace kitties right here. I'm going to love this blog! You have to mention some time that you're my sister Rugrat's grandma!

    If you want me to explain how to upload photos and videos, let me know.

    So congratulations on starting the blog. I will be a huge follower!

  2. You are welcome to browse on my blog.
    Please click on my name. You will see my profile. Scroll down and click on my blog
    "FAQ and answers". Then click on the label, "photos"

    Welcome to blogosphere!