Friday, January 29, 2010

Raves~n~Rants :
Raves # 2: www.catoftheday.com2010JAN29©SusanDykhuis

Cat of the Day is one of my favourite sites on The 'Net. I check-in daily to meet who has been selected for the honour of being Cat, Dog, Pet of the Day.

Many among my family and friends are pet lovers so I wanted to give "Raves" to Karen and Paul Watts for creating such a wonderful place for pet lovers to spend some time.

As serious pet lovers and parents of Furkids, on behalf of our darling =^..^=s Norman the King, the Princes Felix and Baby Rascal, my husband, Sidekick (aka Paw-Paw) and I ask that should you rescue a stray cat or dog whom you cannot keep, please have your veterinarian ensure the animal receives the *SIR treatment. This will prevent unwanted pets from being born. Boycotting pet stores which sell pets is something we advocate. We live in the Province of Quebec which seems to be the puppy/kitten mill capital of Canada; logic tells us many pets for sale in pet stores are puppy/kitten mill animals.

Our personal view is as there are so many abandoned pets left on the streets and/or brought to local shelters, one needs not go to a pet store to buy a pet. So many out there need good, loving homes. We think animal lovers should consider rescuing a pet rather than purchasing one.

Every pet's birthright is to live in a loving home, protected and cared for by humans who value them.

Enjoy meeting the pets at !!

*SIR = Sterilize Inoculate Release
Raves~n~Rants :
Raves #2 : www.catoftheday.com_2010JAN29©SusanDykhuis

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