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Raves~n~Rants # 644, Proud to be Canadian ©Susan Dykhuis, 24th January 2010

I'm proud to be 100% Canadian and my Canada includes:

First Nations peoples and cultures
Quebec, New Brunswick and Manitoba
Our two official languages
The Canadian Anthem which was written in French by a Canadian from Quebec
The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms  ( and

English was not the first language of Canada and as a proud, 100% Canadian, I respect that.  I'm thankful that our country Canada was built by First Nations Peoples (initially forced upon FNP) and the Founding Nations:  France, England, Scotland, Ireland.  Flag of Montreal shows the Fleur-de-Lis (French), Rose (English), Thistle (Scottish) and Shamrock (Irish).  Sadly the white european colonists did not think of including a First Nations symbol but perhaps one day the City of Montreal flag will be updated.

about French Canadians:

Very proud of our Troops and so sad that we lose brave Canadians who serve.  I do not forget that many who serve come home with serious injuries and life-altering mental and physical conditions.

My view is people who are privileged to be accepted as new Canadians must:
- Learn the two official languages of Canada
- Learn Canadian history -- the good and the bad
- Accept the laws of Canada which state that under Canadian Law all citizens are equal.
- Accept our culture which is Western and integrate into it which means the new citizen accommodates Canadians, i.e,: accepting Western style of clothing for men and women
- Accept that church/mosque/temple and state are separate
- Accept that in differences in religious interpretation regarding the status of women and men, Canadian Charter Rights that define women and men are equal under the law thus Canadian Charter of Rights preempt religious law(s)
- Accept that in Canada defines marriage as a union of two consenting adults, i.e.:  female-male; female-female; male-male.  Marriage means two individuals are united in marriage; it does not include polyandry (more than one husband at a time) or polygamy (more than one wife at a time)

- Appreciate that Canada and Canadians -- being multicultural rather than melting pot -- graciously give new Canadians the freedom to cherish and celebrate the secular cultural aspects of their respective backgrounds so long as such cultural aspects do not contravene Charter of Rights laws 

My view includes that new Canadians -- when granted citizenship -- should be given and accept these stipulations:

- New citizen is a person who was not born in Canada.
- Integration into Canadian culture and languages must be done within three years; if not then back to country of origin (with option to exclude those over 65 who come with families who will fully support them from the three year clause.  Canada does reserve the right to reject applicants with health issues so serious as to affect medi-care)
- To be eligible for medi-care, provincial and federal pensions new citizens must live and work in Canada; new citizens are not allowed to be Canadian citizens of convenience.  If a new citizen becomes a citizen of convenience, immediately ship them back COD to country of origin.   

- an aside: 
Do you remember the Canadian citizens of convenience living, working and paying taxes in Lebanon who demanded Canada get them out of Lebanon and back to Canada??  That was in 2006 during the Lebanese/Israeli war where all of the citizens of convenience were "on vacation" at that particular time and got caught in the crossfire.  
When Canada brought them back, many complained about the accommodation on ships, planes, etc.  Guess they were expecting First Class accommodations...  It cost Canada $90 Million to bring back...see:    or  And then the other Canadians of convenience -- the al-Qaeda family as in Omar Khadr --> click:  This same family now has a Canadian son-in-law:  click

I am somewhat humane.  Situations like the disaster in Haiti where countless children are orphaned and where others may wish to join family members who are already Canadians, living, working and paying taxes here -- we should help.  Potential adoptive parents need to be very, very carefully vetted. Don't want pedophiles adopting innocent children!!!

The children should be helped as soon as possible, i.e.: immediately after our Federal and Provincial Govenments rigorously screen prospective adoptive parents -- we don't want children adopted by pedophiles.

Canada should also screen adult applicants very carefully  to make sure none of the criminals who got out of jail for free because of that horrific earthquake don't end up in Canada. 

I am truly humane when it comes to children,  the Aged, the i\Infirm and the animals.   Healthy adults who are honest, willing to work, pay taxes, support their families and who will accept and adapt to Canadian law and culture -- we need them.  My humane feelings apply to them too no matter what country of origin.

City of Montreal Flag showing Euro Founding Peoples of Canada:

Raves~n~Rants #644, Proud to be Canadian ©Susan Dykhuis, 24th January 2010

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