Friday, March 26, 2010

The=^..^=sBlog #5
RUSTY_2010MAR27©Susan Dykhuis

Rusty is a beautiful cat who looks like he could be Norman The King's baby brother. He came to dine with Ebony one night in January; Ebony did not mind -- so different from when Baby Rascal came. I figured Rusty must be either a female or a neutered male 'cause Ebony just let him eat right next to him. Rusty was very shy at first but after a week or so, he decided I was trustworthy.

Rusty allowed me to pet him. He is very affectionate and must be greatly missed by the people who lost him. Alas, we found no postings “Lost Cat” with Rusty’s photo in our neighbourhood.

Cats Who Come to Dine with Ebony get to know me because I feed them through the bathroom window. Rusty is so tame and affectionate I decided to see if he would jump in through the window. It took only a week to convince him to do that. He jumped in and down to the toilet seat where I stand to feed the kitties. Once he came in I began to feed him inside. Rusty liked this so much that I’d leave him in the bathroom for an hour every night -- longer if it was very cold.

Rusty trusted me now so I could check him. Saw that Rusty is a neutered male kitty which explains why Ebony wasn't worried about him. I brought him to Dr A for the "I" part of *SIR treatment but not for the "R" part. Dr A ran tests and thankfully, Rusty is not FIV+. He is totally up-to-date with all vaccines, deworming, etc. Dr. A said Rusty is between 5 and 7 years old.

Such a sweetie, I wish he could join The Palace. Alas, Sidekick said in order to have a fourth kitty I would have to ask my brother & sister-in-law to move from the Upper duplex. Then we could renovate it and it would become the ultimate Palace for my kitties. I can’t ask my kin to move…so Dr. A promised she will place Rusty with someone who will love him, respect his needs, care for him and keep him as a strictly inside kitty for the rest of his natural life.

Did you notice in Rusty's photo that he has the crooked Elvis smile? Too cute for mere words! Rusty's lower canine tooth grew outward, pushing the upper canine into his lip which is how Rusty got the Elvis smile.

On Thursday (March 25th) I bought Rusty a very nice bed and brought it to him. He loves it! My friend Myra and I visit Rusty as often as we can. He is so cute. When I go into the part of the veterinary clinic where he is, he jumps up to greet me.

Some people are going to be very lucky when Prince Rusty joins their home. He will the sweetest Prince of their Palace and bring joy and love to them.

*SIR = Sterilize Inoculate Release

Photo_of_Rusty_©Susan Dykhuis
The=^..^=sBlog #5
RUSTY_2010MAR27©Susan Dykhuis


  1. Rusty, you're going to be a fabulous addition to someone's home... I sure hope they find you soon - or you find them!!


  2. RUSTY has Purrents!!!
    Adopted on Wednesday 7th April 2010
    Very nice couple are now his MeowMa and Paw-Paw. Rusty now has a lovely sibling, Cinnamon the Caleco kitty who is 12 years old.

    His purrents live not far from me and I will be able to visit Rusty!!!

    Rusty will be very happy with his new family.