Saturday, February 6, 2010

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The Cats’ Meows Blog #4
“Felines: Wild, Feral, and Domestic” 2010FEB06©Susan Dykhuis

Today’s Cat of the Day at is a beauty! His name is Little Bear and he is an eleven-year old Maine Coon. Through the aura of Maine Coon cats mere humans get a chance to hold a mini-lion in our arms.

Reading Little Bear’s bio and admiring his magnificence — he reminds me of our darling Maine Coon, Felix the Prince — I'm totally captivated by pussycats. When Felix is relaxing on me (Felix says "Mah" when he calls me) I look into his stunning, luminous eyes and see African veldts with prides of lions and lionesses אֲרִיאֵל basking in the sun.

Cats – I love cats: Wild, Feral Domestic. My husband AKA Sidekick AKA Paw-Paw has said on many occasions if there is reincarnation, then he wants to reborn as one of my cats. What I know for sure in this life is I can’t live life without cats. Cats are purrfect companions.

Our royal =^..^=s have a good life with us. We love them and do everything possible to give our kitties what every pet deserves: a safe and loving forever home. This is a small price to pay considering the pleasure and joy they bring us!

Sidekick and I love dogs. Our last dog, Bobby the Beagle (b. 1979 d. 1996) loved cats too. Sidekick is allergic to dogs which is why no canines live in The Palace.

My kitties insist you give your fur/feather darlings a bunch of TLC right now! As Felix is cramping my keying-in ability, we’re signing off on this blog which is a Rave for Companion Animals!

If stray/abandoned pets come to you for food & shelter consider sharing the cost with your veterinarian of SIR (Sterilize, Inoculate, Release) treatment.

Photo: “Little Bear” from website:
Photo: Bobby the Beagle[Roberta]1992©Susan Dykhuis

The Cats’ Meow Blog #4
“Felines: Wild, Feral, and Domestic” 2010FEB06©Susan Dykhuis

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  1. Sue, if I was a stray kitty I'd head right for your house. I don't know anyone on this earth who is as kind to strays as you are. So glad you're who you are!