Friday, August 12, 2011


Thinking about what I Eat or Life is Sacred
(c)Susan Elizabeth Dykhuis - 12 August 2011

Eating animals has bothered me from an early age. Wearing fur is and never will be an option in my life.

I am back to ovo-lacto-veggie diet but one of my sisters is now Vegan. Congratulations to Carol on that.

Carol at one point sent me information which led me to this blog:
http://happyherbivore which you can find on Facebook.

Within the FAQ of the blog is this page:

Imho, advice is good and must say, the recipes tried are yummy.

I'm going to make Portobello Steak for me next time I BBQ a steak for Murray.

Was asked by two different people these questions:

"Why are there no "straight parades?"
"Why do Vegans tell others all about it?"

Been thinking about those questions and have decided on my own answers:

Q: "Why are there no "straight parades?"
A: Straight People have, throughout human history, not had to even think about that because Straight People are the global majority and for the most part, made up all the rules vis-a-vis what is the sexual norm. They defined it as male/female sexual interaction.

The minority people, the Gay people, had to fight hard battles just to be
(a) true to themselves
(b) protected with the same laws as Straights in Democratic societies and
(c) have a major up-hill battle in societies that are theocracies.

Theocracies are a form of government in which a state is understood as governed by immediate divine guidance provided to ruling clergy or other ruling officials.

"Coming Out", "Gay Pride" and Gay Pride Parades were and are necessary tools to get the majority, the Straights, to respect the right of every person to be true to oneself.

My beloved late Mother was way ahead of her generation in accepting and defending the right of the person to be oneself without "hiding in the closet". One of the many things I admired about my Mother...

Q: "Why do Vegans tell others all about it?"
A: Choosing to be Vegetarian or Vegan generally happens when a person re-evaluates why some non-human animals are raised simply to be slaughtered for food. One wonders how the decisions came about to protect certain animals and kill others.

A person thus reasons:
if one respects and loves animal, then:
how can one choose to love and protect a pet rabbit, cat, dog, bird, horse, goldfish, duck and yet say to cows, pigs, sheep, chickens:
You are not pet quality thus you are food.

Most likely many who love cats, dogs, bunnies, ducks et cetera would rather die than eat an animal one has deemed "companion pet". That got many thinking about this, and step by step, some eliminate eating red meat; others eliminate the consumption of all living creatures.

It is a progressive change which brings the minority aka the vegan to the final step:

I will not consume/use/wear any product from or tested on animals
(aquatic, avian, warm-blooded)
nor any product that involves other lives, thus:
not the eggs, not the milk, not the cheese, not the ice cream
not anything derived from them including to name a few:
fur,leather, ivory from tusks, comestics or cleaners tested on animals

Those who are Vegetarian (various degrees) or Vegan are a minuscule part of the 6.94 BILLION humans on Planet Earth have made a good choice. Planet Earth has only so much to give and once all used up, well, do we have another Planet available where we can all move?

My view is we humans globally must make another hard but necessary choice:
Very serious human population control to bring our numbers down to, say,

In 1350 c.e. our numbers were a very manageable 300 million.

And to think we humans continue damming rivers for electrical power, culling various species because we deem them pests or population out of control -- complain about squirrels, skunks, raccoons who invade our (? !!) property: how many of us wonder before our neighbourhood was built, who the previous owner/residents were?

And yet in spite of all of the eco-damage we've done, we still do profess to be the "intelligent" species ... rof lol

Imho, being any level Vegetarian or being Vegan is a personal, moral decision and it is valid and right one for our small Planet. No one is compelled to do so, but please understand how the V people got to where they are today.

So to Carol, to Noreen, to Lorraine, to Cindy: Good on you.


Thinking about what I Eat or Life is Sacred
(c)Susan Elizabeth Dykhuis - 12 August 2011


  1. my views: walk softly on the earth. Live a violence free life, do no harm to the earth or it's inhabitants including all life forms.

    Help others whenever possible this includes all creatures we share the planet with.

    I am also veganish? No fur, leather or animal products as much as possible but occasionally consume dairy and eggs in prepared food.

    Veganism is good for the environment, the animals and me.