Friday, August 5, 2011

(c)Susan Dykhuis -- Friday, August 5, 2011 at 3:03am

News Bulletin:
02:58 AM Friday, August 05, 2011

IVORY has two kittens.
1st born at 12:05 AM
2nd born at 12:46 AM

Ivory came crying for food so I fed her for a few days. Then off to our Veterinarian for a check up. Dr. A on holidays so Dr. L. examined Ivory.

My suspicions confirmed: Pregnant Pussycat.

Brought Ivory into the Realm of the Bachelor Apartment where another rescue, our Prince Baby Rascal rules. "The Bathtub Nursery" is where Ivory chose to birth her kittens. Female cats who have kittens are called The Queen thus Ivory is now The Queen Ivory.

Ivory and babies are on a pillow wrapped with towels. My animal loving friends -- three very special women: Annly, Chereen and Nadia provide advice and help. Annly is our Angel; she rescues countless animals. Chereen and Annly worked together with Dr. A and today Chereen is Dr. Chereen, a DVM. Nadia works ardently finding Foster homes, busy now looking for a good Foster home for Ivory & her babies. They stay with me until a good Foster home is found. Nadia's website:

In the meantime, the bachelor apartment bathroom is The Nursery … I check on Ivory & kittens frequently. Those eager to meet the kittens already know that for the first few days, the kittens can have no visitors. Ivory is a wonderful mother. I'm lucky as I was the Doula, helping her when the kittens were born!

Kittens are very small and delicate and can not be handled by humans for a while. Ivory lets me move them to groom her but I do this only as necessary. Don't want to alarm Ivory or interfere with kitten/mother bonding.

So far all is well so now am going to bed. At 7:30 a.m. I'll check Ivory & Kittens, feed her, leave fresh water & clean her litter box. Nursing Queen Cats need to eat & drink often.

Turns out I was right: X-Ray not needed to verify pregnancy...

Foster urgently needed.

Kittens have been named "Licorice" and "Raven". Two days old, so soft and cute. The Queen Ivory is doing well and is a very attentive mother. The minute I visit, she purrs full volume.

Please, please, please:
Do not abandon your pets. Spay/Neuter your cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits et al. Please do not let them wander around outdoors. It is unsafe for them and they may get lost or worse!

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Photo: Ivory and Kittens(c)Susan Elizabeth Dykhuis 2011-08-05

(c)Susan Dykhuis -- Friday, August 5, 2011 at 3:03am

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  1. You are a great doula and a wonderful and caring human being. <3