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This is frightening,
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Wasn’t the battle of the Muslim goal "Islam will rule The World" already fought and decided, i.e., The Spanish-Moor Wars AKA The Spanish and Portuguese Reconquest, 1095–1492? Why do we in Western Nations of Judaic-Christian values and Western Societal Values continue to permit immigrants from Muslim countries who refuse to integrate by accepting our values?

Equally frightening:
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My view is and always will be:

When one is welcomed as an immigrant to Western Nations which are Judaic-Christian in values, then one must integrate with that society. Should one from a Western Nation immigrate to Islamic Nations, one is compelled to integrate into that society.

I think the global family of humans must insist that Human Rights prevail at all times: equality rights, civic rights, education rights, employment rights, and ethical/spiritual, religious and secular. When religious rights interfere with Human Rights, Human Rights must prevail.

I am not interested in immigrants, Muslim or otherwise, who come to Canada and then do not accept and adapt to our Western values which hold the right of the person sacred with Human Rights entrenched above all other rights.

Seeing what is happening in Canada and other Western countries vis-a-vis "Islamic" Muslims, I wonder why we, in Western countries, tolerate it. Toleration = “Islam will rule The World" = becoming fact, perhaps in our lifetimes.

How about United Nations? Read this:

I think UN is a farce.

My view is:
1) Immigrant(s) to Canada must adapt within the 3-year period which is the time required to request citizenship.
2) Adapt means accepting The Canadian Charter of Rights, learning Western culture, learning Canada’s official languages, English and French, educating their children to the ideas and ideals of Canada.
3) If immigrant(s) won't accept this condition of citizenship, then Canada must revoke landed immigrant rights and the person(s) must leave Canada immediately.
4)If one is granted Canadian citizenship and does not integrate within 5 years after citizenship is granted, then Canada must revoke citizenship and the person(s) must leave the country immediately. Children born in Canada to immigrants who refuse to integrate are not Canadians by birth. Only children born to immigrants who comply with the laws of Canada are granted citizenship.

I want Canadian and Western, i.e.: Judaic-Christian values to remain the values of my country, Canada. I want Western Nations to, as Ann Landers would advise: “Wake up and smell the coffee!”

Here's me, wondering how much of the acts depicted in the YouTube videos will The Canadian, American, Australian, British, Dutch, French, German, Israeli, Spanish, Et Al citizens and Governments of Western countries accept? I know my limit of tolerance. What is yours?


©Susan Elizabeth Dykhuis AKA ©Sasha Gold ©Sasha Canadian

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