Sunday, October 9, 2011

CATS©Susan Elizabeth Dykhuis
09 October 2011 (John Lennon would be 71 today)

Norman (recycled rescue) about 10 years old when he adopted us Jan 14 2006. Norman was brought to our Veterinarian because the humans were moving & decided not to take him. We fell in love with him and he with us, so it was a done deal. Norman is a Bengal-tabby (moggy) mix. I call him “King of the Palace”.

Felix (saved kitten). Beautiful Maine Coon, he was found abandoned with his sister. They were very small and were fostered. At about age 10 months old, on August 1, 2006 he joined Norman at the Palace. Felix AKA “Prince of the Palace” has a feline neighbour across the steet named Socrates (Socs) who looks very much like our Prince.

Baby-Rascal (came to dine under the balcony early Summer 2009). Ebony was not impressed with Baby-Rascal stealing his food! Baby-Rascal is FIV-FIP. I took him to an adoption clinic July 2009 and did not get good vibes with the people interested in adopting him. FIV-FIP cats need careful attention. I took him home and he lives in the bachelor apartment, and was dubbed thus: "Prince of the Realm of the Bachelor Apartment".

Ivory came this year Summer. She was starving and skinny so I fed her. On August 1st Ivory was doing figure 8’s through my legs while I was gardening. That is when I felt the tummy bumps. Still thin, she did not look pregnant but a visit to Vet confirmed she was. Took her into the house that day, August 2nd. Her male kittens, Raven and Licorice were born Friday, August 5th 2011 at 12:26 AM and 01:45 AM in the bathtub of the bachelor apartment. I was her Doula. Ivory is The Queen Mother and at night she and her Princes sleep in the bathtub where the Kittens were born. During the Day Ivory and Kittens occupy the whole bachelor apartment. At night they return to “the Nursery” -- the bachelor apartment bathroom and Baby-Rascal returns to the Bachelor Apartment Royal Bedroom.

Ebony, the big black Tom cat first came for food just as Winter 2008 was giving way to Spring. Most likely he is the father of Ivory’s Kittens. I call him Ebony, "Prince of the Palace Grounds". Raven looks like him in build and fur texture but Raven has silvery fur highlights in his mane. Ebony has auburn/reddish hue in his mane. Licorice’s body shape is like his mommy, Ivory; however his colours and shading are exactly like Ebony’s.

Then there was Rusty and Oranje…
Rusty came January 2010 & being a neutered male, Ebony let him share his food. Rusty was adopted April 2010. In October 2010 Oranje came. Fed him away from Ebony as Oranje was an intact male. The people who adopted Rusty adopted Oranje on 14th April 2011. They call him Tango. Lucky for me, I see Rusty, Tango and Cinnamon who now has cat siblings as her Purrents adopted both Rusty and Tango and we became friends.

Gorgeous Minou came to dine during the same time frame as Oranje/Tango. She had five kittens on March 5th 2011 – Antionette and I were the Doulas. They were born in A's family room, one house north of me. Antionette kept Minou and her kitten, Kenya (black male). Both are like my Felix in the fur department -- major furries. The other four kittens were adopted by good families.

Cats find me. It is my duty to help them so I do. Goddess Bastet is pleased.

~ Life without Cats is not a life at all! ~
~ De vivre sans chats n'est pas une vie du tout! ~
©Susan Elizabeth Dykhuis

CATS©Susan Elizabeth Dykhuis
09 October 2011 (John Lennon would be 71 today)

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