Thursday, February 3, 2011

Canada: Today & Tomorrow(c)S.E. Dykhuis

Letter in response to this story:


Re: By 2030, Canada's Muslim Population To Triple, Feb. 1.

The fear associated with recent reports identifying the growth of the global Muslim population reflects a broader misconception about who Muslims are and what Islam teaches its followers.

Islam is a religion of peace and instructs its followers to display tolerance to the views and customs of the society in which they reside. Followers of Islamic principles in its true form display modesty, kindness to others and the poor, and adhere to a moral code similar to that practised by Christians. Islam has been used as a tool by some individuals to obtain power over the masses. The end result has been the transformation of Islam into an incoherent body of teachings as displayed in certain countries. Strict observances, punishment and extremist behaviour is not grounded in Islam.

As the number of Muslims living in Canada grows, we should welcome followers of true Islamic principles as active, contributing members of our society. Doing so is not a threat to Canadian society, but the perpetuation of the principles that make Canada the country that it is.

Rena Hussain, Toronto.


I hope Mr. Tarek Fatah, a commentator on Muslim affairs and founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress and author of the book The Jew Is Not My Enemy is the model for Canadian Muslims but fear -- like many in Canada and elsewhere in The West -- that Muslim integration into our societies and cultures may not be an easy path.

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Mr. Fatah said: "Schools should also be concerned about Muslim groups on campuses that could be fomenting anti-Western views and bigotry against Christians and Jews. Meantime, those mosques that use religious services to preach bigotry or discord should come under government scrutiny and lose their charitable status if they become too political and divisive."

Tarek Fatah speaks of what Muslim immigrants must do to be come truly Canadian; I hope the elected officials in The Government of Canada are listening to him, reading his books and his comments/advice which are published in Canadian newsprint.

In my lifetime, may the statement by Rena Hussain of Toronto be the reality :

"Islam is a religion of peace and instructs its followers to display tolerance to the views and customs of the society in which they reside."

Canada: Today & Tomorrow(c)Susan Elizabeth Dykhuis_03February2011

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